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Most of us start off our days with a cup of coffee. For years, almost my entire life, I was unable to drink coffee. Caffeine made me feel too amped up and overcharged. Plus, it really upset my stomach. I discovered, about a year ago, that I could drink a little coffee without any discomfort. In fact, it kind of gave me a little bit of a buzz, in a good way. So, those few sips became a delicacy. I craved coffee as soon as I awoke. Soon, I began to wonder if I could drink a little more. Eventually, I could handle a half of a cup. As of now, I can drink a cup a few hours before bedtime, without an issue. I’m not sure why this change in my body chemistry happened, but I like it, nonetheless.

So, in the morning, before anyone in my house arises, I put on the coffee, walk my dog, and then come home to that luscious first cup of java. For the longest time I only drank one cup. Recently, I started to drink about a cup and half, right before I go to the gym, which gives me a bit of a charge to get through my aerobics. I realized, kind of like the guy who “should have had a V-8” that, DAH, I could just get a bigger cup and not have to travel to the kitchen twice for my coffee.

This morning, my lesson was about the portion of life, itself, that we take from the unlimited Good that is all around us. I imagine that this portion is like the cup that I brought to the coffee pot. If I brought a demitasse cup to the machine, I would get but a sip. If I bring a gigantic mug, I would get an ample amount of coffee for my entire day. So, how big of a vessel are we bringing to the Universe when we harvest our good? That’s the question for the day.

As I thought about it, I realized that: if all I wanted from the Universe was enough money to pay my bills, I probably would simply get just that—enough. Or, if I open my heart to just enough love to get married, then I may end up with a husband who wants marriage, but isn’t all that strong in relationship.

But, if I opened my heart to great love, then, the Universe would have the opportunity to fill my heart with powerful, rich love, like I’ve never experienced before. If I bring a wheelbarrow to the bank, would the Universe have enough in its unlimited source to fill that?

Today, let’s think about how much we ask for from God. Are we putting limits on the Universe by bringing a tiny cup to the ultimate vessel that pours out ALL OF OUR GOOD?

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