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In an argument on CNN yesterday between a news anchor and an old star and recent Georgian Congressman, Ben Jones, we heard two sides of the meaning of a flag. We know why the Governor of South Carolina wants to take down the flag at the state building. But, Jones gives his opposition to removing all Confederate flags: “It’s (the Confederate Flag) been used by racists, by horrible people such as this man in Charleston,” Jones said, referring to Dylann Roof, a white man charged in the shooting deaths of nine black church members at Emanuel AME Church last week. “You know, the Klan burns the Christian cross, and their flag is the American flag,” Jones said. “Different context.” Should we get rid of the Christian cross and the American flag, as well?

I listened with respect and wondered if Jones made a good point. People use the bible all the time to say that homosexuals don’t have the right to get legally married. Should we burn all the bibles, because it negatively impacts social rights? To what measure is removing the flag from the state building in South Carolina going to help change the minds of people whose minds are already made up to hate?

Well, I think that Gov. Nikki Haley made a good move to show that South Carolina considers itself an ally of the laws of the United States, as a whole. The measure of removing the flag has less to do with the flag’s meaning, than it does to create a unified field of consciousness within the state to remove prejudice.

Should we tell people to get rid of their flags in their own front yards? Absolutely not! I want to be able to fly any flag high and proud over my house, if I want, or mount my “Hillary Clinton for President” sign on the top of my car. We can’t take away human rights to propel our own sense of morality.

Of course, most of you get my point; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading a blog that is mostly about spirituality. When we support something with our energy and our minds, we make change, not as much outwardly, but mostly cause the energy of hate to dissolve spiritually and universally, as well. So, as you think on these things, give some energy IN THOUGHT to the change you would love to see in the entire world around the idea of prejudice, in general.

See our world filled with love and compassion! See people’s minds changing from hateful to loving! In your meditative thoughts, turn the energy of the subjective mind field—that energy that is simply waiting for you to create something powerful—into vehicles that will create love and harmony!


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