How Conscious Are Your Choices? #decisionmaking

Everyday, we make the small choices in life that get us to work, buy us lunch, urge us to take an umbrella, and choose what channel to watch on television. But, are we making these decisions without our intuition? Are we instinctively moving along in life, like an animal would toward food and female dogs in heat? Learning to live from spiritual intuition is an important step in becoming a “Choice-Driven Person” or a “Chance-Driven Person.”

With Chance-Driven decisions, we take our creative energy and suspend it completely, letting life move us like the wind tossing a piece of paper on our lawn. But, with Choice-Driven decisions, we allow our conscious, creative mind to take part in where and what direction we move in our lives, which allows us to be led—instead of pushed.

As we evolve consciously, we develop spiritual intuition, which, hopefully, will replace our need for our baser reactive side—the animalistic instinct. Every person, just like every animal on earth, has a propensity to move through life with instinct. This helps animal stay far enough from the edge of a cliff, not eat poisonous food, stay away from dark, shadowy alleyways, and take shelter during a storm. These instinctual mechanics are in each of us, like software loaded into a computer’s mainframe. They help us out to stay alive, but are these instincts enough to move forward into a spiritual life?

At this age of our spiritual growth, if we haven’t learned the difference between our instinct and our intuition, which is a Spiritual urging toward something higher and a more distinctive class of learning, we may end up being tossed about by our instinct, instead of our intuition.

As we talked about yesterday, sometimes Spirit calls us to take the higher road, instead of the easier road. So, we sit at the beginning of our own yellow brick road and wait with indecision and ambiguity for a good witch to appear out of the sky to lead us on the right road. However, remember that: “no decision is a decision to not make a decision.” So, we must dig deeper into our souls and take a leap of faith to move toward the direction spirit leads our hearts.

I have to tell you, from my own choices recently, I have taken the leap into a space that is completely propelled by a spiritual search. Each day, though I have had to face some rejection along the way, I have learned that even the rejections are not instinctual. They are steps toward making the right and best choices for spiritual purpose. Someone who has never made a mistake has not moved an inch in life. Mistakes are medals of honor for each person willing to make the harder choices in life and learn from their mistakes.

Take a chance today, and live from your spiritual intuition!



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