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A pastor friend of mine, Rev. David Ault, from the Center of Spiritual Living in Atlanta braved one of the hardest questions in a YouTube Message a few days ago. The question that he asked his listeners: If we believe that All is God and love, then how do we make sense of the murder that happened at the AME Church in Charleston?

The premise is an old one. As a minister of Spirituality, so many people who profess to be Atheists tell me that the reason they DON’T believe in God or Spirituality is because of all the terrible things that happen in the world and because of what people do in the name of God. They say, “How can a loving God let this happen to so many innocent people?”

No one can deny the authenticity of a question such as this. But, not too many people—pastors and reverends, alike—set out to actually answer the question, instead of circumventing it with scriptures that an Atheist or nonbeliever simply would not care to hear.

I like the following premise: If all is God, and all is made of love; how then can we reconcile the murders of innocent people in Charleston with this loving Spiritual Source?

First of all, I don’t believe God is a personality. I believe that God or Spirit or Source (whatever you choose to call it) is an energy and a Divine Law set in motion. So, by believing the above, I already take away any anthropomorphizing that might exist within myself. (Anthropomorphizing simply means to attribute human qualities to God.)

Second, I also believe that Earth is somewhat of a School for us humans to teach one primary thing: The Difference Between Good and Bad and live in the presence of peace, which we can only found (interestingly enough) out-from our humanness. Or in my truth, IN METAPHYSICS, which means out from the physical, basically.

So, meditation, the practice of moving from the human body to the metaphysical observer side of the brain is our ultimate goal for one really good reason: To step aside from our human “feelings” and see a bigger picture. In the case of murders, earthquakes, tsunamis and the like, stop looking at the crime scene, and begin to look for answers as to why—in our own hearts, that these things happen.

If Dylann Roof is made of God. And I am made of God. Then, A=B. Dylann Roof and his issues and all that he brings up emotionally in me is God and is looking to be healed. I believe, this was what Reverend David’s premise in his beautiful talk and prayer was successfully expressing. He cited a passage in A Course in Miracles: “Love brings up everything unlike itself!”

So, if you look at the physical realm of humanity as a mirror, you know that if you open a door to a dark room, the room no longer is dark. Why? Because, in the presence of light, no darkness exists. This is a physical law, but could, also, be a spiritual law, if you let it. So, let your feelings about all of this rise and ask the pertinent question of yourself, “What do I need to learn from this?”

The last thing that I want to share about what I believe is this: Our spirits continue to be after they leave this body and existed before this physical body. This earth experience is just one stop on the train to forever.

What makes sense to me is that we all have made choices as to why we have come to Earth at this time, before we ever got to Earth.

  1. Some have come to learn lessons;
  2. Some have come to teach lessons by being a sacrifice. (This is the hard part to swallow.)

But, no Christian would deny that Jesus is the epitome of this statement. If we are to walk in the steps of the Master, Jesus, then, perhaps, we need to accept the premise that other spirits, besides Jesus, have come into their human bodies with a sacrificial purpose.

Remember: if there were no Judas, there could not have been the death and resurrection of Jesus. Then entire story of Christ takes a protagonist and an antagonist to make sense.

Lastly, I’m not asking you to believe anything I’ve written. I’m asking, instead, that you to consider these things. If you do, I guarantee you will begin to find peace in your heart about more than just these recent events in Charleston.

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