How Does Prayer Work?

How Does Prayer Work?

In my life I’ve often wondered if I’m led to pray when someone needs prayer, or if someone needing prayer leads me to pray. If either of these scenarios makes a difference, why would a God who knows all, sees all, creates all, need my prayers to change the course of action on earth?

These are big questions for a big world.

As everything, I take my thoughts to a quiet place and contemplate for answers. From this place of peace I write.

“Prayer is not a begging, prayer is not an earnest asking, prayer is not a demand for God to do anything different than what is planned as the best for humanity of an individual.

“Prayer is, in fact, a way to connect you to the whole. Prayer is a way for you to understand sickness and disaster. It is a way for you to make peace within your heart. It is not a way to change God’s mind.

“Prayer is a conversation or a meditation with the holiest part of your being. Amediation, if you will, with the best part of the best of you.”

When someone experiences healing from prayer, this is manifestation of the power of the whole thinking as a whole in harmony with Good. When someone doesn’t experience healing in the same situation, it is the power of the whole helping a soul cross over to a heavenly existence and out of the human existence.

Jesus found his Oneness with God. He asked in His heart what was to be. And expressed what was to be through the truest power of belief. He created what was real and spirit and made it matter. He was the ultimate prayer warrior. He taught us to pray.

“Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.”

Jesus saw from his connection to God in prayer with heavenly Father what was in heaven and helped it express on earth.

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