How Many Ifs Make a DO?

When you want to begin a new project, don’t ask yourself too many questions. We’ve all heard that a good builder is a great planner. At the beginning stages of any idea, though, give yourself more reasons to begin the project than reasons to stop trying!

With my new project “Angel Feast,” I simply began making food that looked amazing and tasted even better. I took pictures of the plated food and uploaded them to Instagram where I went from 300 followers to 1600 followers in 2 weeks.

I got out an old copy of the Vegan Cookbook I started and began rereading it, modifying and making plans to finish it. No arguments in my head! Just do it!

Then, I began to make goals—simple goals. (Create 5 cooking shows, 5 minutes a piece. You can do that, I told myself. I gave myself some specs, a time frame, and began working toward that project.) Did it take a great deal of time to complete? Yes! But, by the time I was waist deep into the project, I was psyched about it and want to complete it. Now, I have built a template for the rest of the classes.

What I did not do is:

  1. stop to say this will never work,
  2. this is a waste of time and energy, and
  3. there are thousands of other websites that have millions of followers.

I did not say any of that. I never discourage myself when I begin developing an idea. This is probably why I’m always writing a book or taking on a new project. Do I want my life to be so full of things that I have no time to breathe? Heavens, no. I want to take the Divine Inspiration I get from Spirit everyday and put it to good use. My life is perfectly balanced with peace, yoga, love, meditation and work.

If I simply do what’s on my plate, if I take the ideas that float through the ether to me and give them a home and a conduit to come alive, I am doing my purpose on earth. 

If all of you could go to my Cooking Classes on YouTube and check them out, SHARE THEM WITH FRIENDS, and join me for the next few by signing up, you will be doing me a great favor. No one can do this life or build a village by him- or herself. We all need each other.

Here are the first 5 sessions of my cooking class: Angel Feast: Vegan Recipes for a New World:






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