How Much Baggage Do You Carry?

How Much Baggage Can You Carry?

Airlines have the right idea metaphysically (definitely not when it comes to $$$). They charge you for every bag now. They know that the more you bring on your trip, the heavier the plane becomes. The heavier the plane is, the more fuel it takes to fly you to your destiny. I believe this metaphor applies to our lives. The baggage is our past. The plane is our destiny.

There is a wonderful meditation that you can do (or a hypnotist can lead you through) where you imagine that you are walking through every stage of your life, collecting things from the people who have impacted you along your way—both good and bad. These people could be teachers, parents, siblings, friends, or foes. I imagine that each person gives me an article that I put in a suitcase. As the suitcase gets full, I pick up another suitcase to carry more articles.

You begin as early as you remember and end at today. When you get to the present, you imagine that you are standing at the doorway of heaven.  To cross the threshold, you must jump.

To jump, though, you can’t be carrying all the baggage from your past. The question the angel asks you at the doorway to heaven is: “What would you be like without all this baggage? Who would you be?”

When I went through the process, I realized that I would be throwing away the good with the bad, and I had resignations about releasing everything. I wondered if I would be a different man without all my accolades and badges of honor and, even more specifically, all the bad things that shaped me into the more compassionate person I’ve become. But I realized that I wanted to move ahead… to be at peace and with spirit. So, I let go and jumped.

What I learned from the experience is that what you learn from your experiences of life is integrated into your body and brain and life. You need not carry it with you like a heavy burden. What is good and necessary will always be with you. What you no longer need will automatically release, if you let it, like a snake shedding an old skin.

What you experience is a new you, lighter and freer than you were before.

So, gather your old baggage! It’s time to let go and let God.


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