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To “deserve something” would mean that a reward exists at the end of the rainbow for a certain behavior you have done. If you believe that Spirit works like this, then you are sorely mistaken. Only with the limitations of your own mind would you reduce God to a law that only allows you to receive if you follow a certain set of guideline. We can see this is NOT the case all around us. Many not-so-worthy people receive abundance all of the time. So, we would be remiss to believe or wait for our goodness to come as a result of good behavior.

First of all, you are made of the goodness of Creator. The very thing that IS all that supports you—the air, the ocean, the sun, and the food you eat are all made of Source. So, when you breath, eat, and bask in the sun, you partake in something that you have probably not worked for. When birds fly to your front stoop to get the breadcrumbs you put out, they don’t think: Alas, I’ve gotten my reward from heaven! No, they simply partake in the manna fed them by Source. What I’m getting at is that only you can limit what God give you by your thoughts. Abundance is all around you. Where is your share?

If you think you are bad and deserve nothing good, you will certainly attract negative things to your life. If you think you are royalty, you will probably end receiving royal behavior from someone and have riches. Why do you think that rich people stay rich, even if they lose all of their money? Prosperity is a state of mind, not necessarily the causal effect of working hard—though working hard can certainly prosper you.

Here are a couple of negative scenarios that people fall into:

  1. I must work 12 hours a day to make a living, so that I will not go hungry and will have enough for retirement.
  2. Everything I try, seems to fail. I put forth great effort into life, but God never seems to reward me with success.
  3. I live my life paying one bill, then the next one comes. All I do is work. I never get to live my life.
  4. I have bank problems, suffer from illness, and my family stresses me all day. When am I going to find peace?

Okay, so you think you can’t have peace or that peace is not an option for you in every case above. What would happen if you made room for a dream or a vision that included you getting what you need to have a joyful and peaceful life? Let’s just start with that simple thought. Everything in this world starts with a seed thought. We plant the seeds; God grows the trees. So, maybe all that you are responsible for is: taking time to believe you deserve good, to dream your good, and to take steps forward—in faith—knowing your good is already waiting for you.

Instead of worry and anxiety today, try dreaming something wonderful!


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