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Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “Beware of holding too much good in your hand.” This is a spiritual teacher who taught the power of creative mind, so we have to wonder what the difference is between being a prosperous person and being a spiritually prosperous person. Is there a difference?

One wise man might say that if you cannot hold your good (or simply appreciate it), then you probably have too much. Simplicity of life is the key in this scenario, because acquiring too many things may cause your mind to take on the responsibility of those things. With responsibility of things, we lose the time for mindfulness. Mindfulness would be our time in meditation, either quiet or awake, when we observe life and listen for divine guidance.

Since I have moved to Florida, I have spent a year almost living like a Buddhist Monk. Rather than living in a nice large home with the BMW, I sold it all, let go of most of my business, and moved in with my sister and mother in a two-bedroom apartment. The quarters are cramped, but the expenses are about 1/4-1/3 what I paid in Nashville. I even gave up going out to dinner and buying “things” for a while to see how it feels to live as a minimalist.

The difference is, of course, amazing in the mind. I have had time to meditate 2-4 hours a day, do yoga, swim, read, write and study. I take naps now. I listen to my body. I spend more time with my family. I don’t allow for stress to enter. I work when I want to.

However, what I noticed is that my old self is calling for me to regain some autonomy. I want to get my own apartment now. I’m tired of sharing my life with people who do not have the same energy as I. I know I can do it and provide for myself a safe place with good boundaries, I would rather not. Becoming a little bored, I have even begun working more to see if I can make enough to afford my own apartment without going into my savings. Interestingly enough, the work has been doing things with my hands, manual labor, working for other people, and even driving for Uber. All of these jobs require me to be subject to other people’s wants, which is way out of my comfort zone from owning my own business for 28 years. The lessons are interesting, but not difficult. People are hard to please, but mostly, I learn to do my best and never judge what I do. I see where I can do better, and try to do a good job the next day.

If you have been following my blog, you know that I have also been doing commercials and television work. I go on auditions and have fun pursuing what I had intended from college, as I was a theater major then. This, also, it interesting, because I will often go to auditions with 100 men who look much like me and only one of us will get the job. So, last year, I did nine commercials, which still wasn’t enough to live the life I used to live. This year, I’m not sure how or where this whole acting thing will take me, but I’m willing to give it one more year to see.

In summary, I think that, as Emerson says, maybe I should not be looking at how to live the life I used to live. Maybe I should be looking at how I can live a life that is balanced between having nice things and maintaining my spiritual practices. I believe balance is the key. You can have millions if it does not deter you from being led by Spirit. But, even this may be a learned condition. So, I am taking to the streets and letting God lead me down a path of balance for this year. Prosperity and more spirituality is my goal, never holding too much in my hands and always appreciating that which I have in this moment.


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