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We have all heard of how the body can get a certain immunodeficiency in which the corporal self begins to attack its own cells, opening it up to a fast array of disease and death. As the brain is a part of the body, it can, also, begin to attack itself physically. But more importantly, can the thoughts in the brain that are of no tangible substance, also, attack themselves?
When you have an anxious or fearful thought, what is the first thing you do? Do you follow the thought and let the mind go to dark places? Do you confront the thought with positive truth? Or do you simply let the thought float away without acquiescing to its temporary pull?
Thoughts have the capacity to rob us of our happiness everyday. Thoughts! Something that has no tangible or even truthful outcome can change the possibility of a great day to a horrible one, if we but succumb to the temptation of feeding a negative thought with our time.
Many of my clients are adept at keeping their minds full of work, duties, social media, and the like to separate themselves from the voices that might attack the mind. Instead of standing like a sentinel at the doorway of your thoughts, like a good host; only inviting in the guests that are worthy of entrance, they leave their posts to do everything but take care of themselves. The result of this kind of avoidance in dealing with your negative thoughts, can keep you busy and joyful for a while, but will definitely catch up with you when the lights go off at the end of the day. Most people who avoid their fears, usually need a drink or two or some medication to sleep. At night, when all of the hubbub goes away, the mind begins its slow attack.
To get to the bottom of this struggle, you must first understand the enemy. Make friends with it! Learn everything you can about it.
When the body falls asleep, the mind may stay awake if you haven’t put aside deliberation and cognitive thinking. You cannot sleep whenever the mind is thinking in a deductive way (one plus one is two). The only way a person can fall asleep is if he/she moves from the deductive brain to the inductive brain—or the dreaming/creative part.
This is much like self-hypnosis. In fact, how I came to learn hypnosis twenty some years ago was from a bad case of insomnia. As I began to investigate my own thoughts, I learned that as soon as I lay down at night, I went over my entire day with a fine-toothed comb. Sleep is a time to put your thoughts and deductions to rest, to set them aside to go to a blissful place to regenerate the brain.
But, you can’t do release if you are thinking about what you will do at work the next day, the children, or what’s on the menu for tomorrow. A simple self-hypnosis recording can help lead your mind to a restful place and also teach you the concepts of moving from the deductive to the inductive mind in a matter of minutes.
If you need some help understanding this concept, write back to me at bosebastian5@gmail.com and I’ll will send you a hypnosis MP3 to help you go to sleep, free of charge. Here’s to a great night’s sleep!

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