How to Remove Smoke Screens in Our Lives

I like to think that the obstacles in our lives are the smoke screens we have constructed to keep us from our greater good. In review, we realized that our smoke screens are in our lives because, subconsciously, we don’t feel as if we deserve our greatest good. We lack the self-esteem to manifest—into reality—all the good that is in our minds! Today, we will look at how to release the obstacles—the smoke screens—that keep you stuck in your current paradigm.

Yesterday, I asked some empirical questions concerning smoke screens in your life.

  • What is keeping you from your greatest good?
  • What would you do for a living if money was not an object?
  • What obstacles keep your from your objective?

The first objective is to get very clear about what you want to create in your life. Most of us are afraid or simply haven’t even considered that we have the power to create anything in this world. We feel as if we will be “served” our portion, instead of going to the line, waiting, choosing what we want, then paying for it.

So, initially, you must get the truth locked in your mind that you are made of a creative force that is intense and powerful. When you tap into this source, you can do anything you choose with this creative, spiritual law undergirding you.

Once you discover what it is that you really want, then write down the thoughts that come into your mind that negate your goal. For example: I want to be a famous writer. My negating thoughts might be:

  • any writer has just a one-in-a-million chance of getting a big publishing deal,
  • I’m not good enough to be a well-established author,
  • No one wants to read what I write,

are some of the few thoughts that collect in my mind when I dream of my amazing future.

What is a thought, but something we create? Right? So, if we created the thought, are we, also, capable of un-creating the thought? Absolutely.

A simple affirmation to say, if you begin to think about something negative that will stop the positive flow of creative energy in your life is: “I destroy and un-create this thought and return it to Sender, whomever that might be!”

Then (and this is the most important part of the creative process), you must affirm again your truth and your dream until you see it manifest. My affirmation might be: “My Good is God presenting through my books, which are selling daily by the myriads to welcome minds. These humans and their finances come to my website, to Amazon, and to Kindle Direct, daily, to purchase my books.”

This may sound very selfish to you. But let’s consider this. I saw a television series recently on Showtime that looked at religion and, basically, convicted some preachers who help congregants produce prosperity, by calling them Greedy! This old teaching of good and poverty being a pathway to God is also a smoke screen to keep you from prospering. (And this happens as the producer of this show makes a million dollars for exposing greed!) How much more could believers do for the world as successful entrepreneurs than poor, un-prosperous people sitting on the corner with a cup, waiting for coins to drop from heaven?

Even Jesus says, “you don’t have, because you don’t ask.” “Ask and it shall be given unto you. Pressed down, shaken together, and running over…”

There is nothing unspiritual about you creating a beautiful and prosperous life for yourself and family AND being excited about all that you bring to the world daily! Believe in yourselves. And more importantly, after you state your truth, release it to God, by which all things grow! And so it is!

Coming Up: Burgeoning Uncertainty… Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBKXWwgDyHw


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