Hungry and on a Diet… What Do You Do?

I have been on a simple carb free diet for about a month. I have lost 12 pounds and my husband has lost 16 pounds, or “a stone and a quarter” as he would say in Ireland. They weigh in stones in Ireland (14 pounds for one stone).

We have done fine on this diet, in fact, incredibly successful. Actually, David has been much stronger and than I when it comes craving the simple carbs. He doesn’t eat salt. He doesn’t snack on sweets. He hasn’t ever really used excess salt. He eats fruit or something that is flavored or sweetened with fruit for snacks.

As a result, he took the reigns when it came to replacing my sweet attacks at night. I would help with meals, cooking without any simple carbs except one staple that is the best almost simple carb you can eat: brown jasmine rice, with a 10 super grain mix, and almonds.  We eat this with beans or sometimes with a vegetable mixture with different sauces.

When we eat snacks such as hummus or guacamole, we eat the toppings on cucumber, roasted peppers, and celery. I was amazed to see that with this change, suddenly all of the extra weight we had wanted to lose with simple exercise and a vegan diet, suddenly fell off in a month, no less.

Our typical activity together throughout the day is to swim a few laps every day and do yoga twice a week. David also lifts weights and does cardiovascular work at the gym. For me, I try to do muscle exercises in the swimming pool, as I used to teach alternative exercises for people with physical injuries. So, I have developed some specialized exercises for the water to help me maintain muscle, which have worked perfectly for a 56 years old.

With all of these changes and the feeling that we are actually accomplishing what we have intended, you would think that I would be happy enough with the results that I would want to continue on this path. However, for me (not for Dave) I have been feeling the need to have pasta, doughnuts, and anything sweet I can get my hands on. I particularly want pasta, which I have had at least once a week in some form (in soup or with tomato sauce or a specialty sauce like pesto or a Greek olive and eggplant sauce) for my entire life.

What I have realized is that if I have just the sauce, I am often satisfied.

Last night I was really hungry for pasta after watching “The Sopranos,” which we are binge watching—our favorite way to watch television. We get to watch the show together from beginning to end On Demand. It’s a great way to bond and be excited together when you turn on the television.

My other two suggestions are simple substitution:

If you are hungry at night for something sweet, always have dates on hand. They are more sweet then any fruit. Two or three dates usually keeps me satisfied and quite regular, I might add.

If you are hungry for something salty, you can always have some of your favorite dips with vegetables instead of crackers or chips. Remember that “salty snacks” are just as bad for your heart and habit forming as the sweet snacks.

If you’re like me, you go through the salt phase, then sugar, then salty again, until you get sick to your stomach from the never ending chain of events. Together, we simply stopped buying anything with salt already on it, such as potato chips and corn chips, the latter was our favorite.

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