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I am singing a song this weekend for church that has these words in it: “I am so blessed. I am so blessed. I am so grateful for all that I have.” In my meditation this morning I used these words as my affirmation every 5 minutes when my Insight Timer chimed.

When I first began to repeat the words to myself, I realized that some parts of me did not feel all that blessed. I resisted the very essence of the words. My body and mind—perhaps the memories of the past or some hidden hurt—did not believe that I was blessed.

This concerned me, because if I do not believe that I am blessed, I certainly will not be blessed. What I believe is exactly what my life will express. So, I went deeper in thought and in contemplation, asking for Spirit to reveal the inner me that resisted the Truth, which I wanted to and needed to express.

I share my experience, because I discuss a great deal about the power of meditation, and this is a very specific incidence in which meditation led me to a bright light and liberation. I also wanted to share the method I used in meditation, so that any followers of this Blog could see how meditation is merely a vehicle for Divine Wisdom and to tap into Divine Mind for that energy, which has the answers to all questions and holds a reserve of energy always ready to fill your heart and mind with truth.

When I stood transparent in my spiritual space of truth, in meditation, I breathed in white light. As I exhaled, I imagined that all negative thinking released from the bottom of my feet. As I did this, I began to feel parts of my body fall asleep. But, the insight timer’s chime, kept my mind awake enough to continue to wait for the answer in the deepening silence. “I am so blessed. I am so grateful. I am so blessed.”

What began to rise in my mind was distrust for God. My mind began to be flooded with times when I felt that God had taken away my security on purpose. I felt in my mind like I was some kind of chess piece in a spiritual game. I asked myself, “What am I missing here? How can I get my ego thoughts out of the way, here, to see the gift or lesson that I’m missing?”

In those moments of quiet contemplation is when the answer appeared to me:

God is all in all. God is the foundation of all. I know that this foundation is love. So, any lesson that I came to earth to learn was about understanding more about the nature of love, not less about it. As I looked at each of the instances my ego showed me about INSECURITY, I actually realized that what I learned was that I was completely taken care of in every instance—by friends, by family, by divine wisdom. I also realized how much wiser I had become from each instance of supposed abandonment of God.

Spirit was always there, waiting for me to learn the lesson that I am blessed. Even in times when my family ate soup for weeks at a time because we didn’t have money for food, we all continued to laugh. We had the support of others who did help us. We had enough. Just enough, but enough, nonetheless. We did not go hungry. Ever.

So, to those times of fear that arose, I had the opportunity to look at each one of them in my meditation and attach a beautiful lesson to it: “I was so blessed. I was so blessed.” And now, I’m more grateful for all that I have.

When I came out of the meditation, I felt a sense of assurance that any situation I would ever get in, financial or emotional, I would gain more wisdom and enlightenment, certainly not less. To this my heart let go of fear.


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