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Yesterday’s initial story for World News Tonight was about the Donald’s poll numbers. Could the nation and the media get more off track? What if…

What if Donald Trump isn’t such a fool? What if he is purposely doing his arrogant dance to get the Republican party to quit being so self-righteous? What if he is purposely being arrogant to divide the party so that Hillary Clinton is sure to win? If he is smart as he thinks he is, surely he realizes that this possibility may exist. I’m just saying…

I heard yesterday, amidst the throngs of bad news—that the celebration of the Jewish holidays has begun and Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ within us is also about to arrive. Can a few angry people in the world actually stop the billions of good people from feeling the presence of love during this holiday time? I think we might just be letting these evil ISIS creatures do just that.

Yesterday, my sister and I were talking about this year’s holiday celebration. We both agreed that neither of us was in the moment with any kind of joy. We were going through the motions without much cheer. After which, I decided to put up the tree and forget about war, ISIS, Donald Trump, and political rhetoric for two weeks… maybe forever. I am not saying that I am giving up on the world. I am merely releasing myself from the negativity that is THE NEWS!

Let’s face it: we cannot change what happens around us. We can only deal with the peace within our own hearts. If this season is to be about peace and joy and love, then it must start within each of us.

I was looking in the wrong direction for the spirit of this season. When I finally looked inside, I saw that I truly wanted to celebrate the birth of the Christ Spirit in everyone in the world. Not just this season, for all times.

God in us is the hope of Glory. God is not just in some of us, but in all things and people. Let this be the news we shout from the mountaintop!


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