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Most people who go to church or centers for spirituality, attend because they do not personally hear from Spirit. In my many years of praying for others and spiritual direction counseling, I have found that most people consider themselves deaf to God. Because of this, they become dependant on the words and beliefs of others to give them advice about Spirituality. As a result, many deaf sheep, and many charlatans leading the deaf into vast points of view that are not Spiritual; instead of into a path that is perfect and specifically for you.

We all—preachers, pastors, and office workers—are made of the same stuff. None of us has more of a pathway to God than another. That would be like saying, out of six children, Mom likes me the least and Peter the best. So, to get to Mom, I better go to Peter. If you talk to the mother, though, she would say that she loves all of her children the same.

So, my point here is that it is up to you to begin a conversation and a relationship with Spirit. The bible says that Spirit is always at your door beckoning you to come. All that you have to do is give this relationship a chance. You cannot do this without giving it time and energy, though. No relationship can exist without time and energy.

Then, the most important aspects for a right relation are authenticity and truth. If you come to Spirit with a laundry list of things you want without sharing your heart, imagine how your earthly parent would react, or any relationship for that matter. Yet, we treat God as if it were Santa in the sky. God is Loving Power and has provided a way of communication, albeit in Spirit and meditation, for us to get essential information that we need to be led into the right path and to maintain a safe and secure life.

Such a belief can be difficult without the experience of being led. So, you must give it a try. If you want a spiritual life that prospers and heals you on a daily basis, you must take a step forward into participating with Spirit and Spiritual Law.

If you have a toaster and you have electricity, what good would it be to leave the toaster unplugged? You would never be able to access the power of that toaster without connecting to it. The same goes for your own spiritual power. You must plug into Spirit.

The way to do this is with time dedicated to listening and unfolding the stuff that is within you. Your initial prayer may sound something like this:

“Spirit, I have no idea what I’m doing. I just want a closer walk with you. Help me!” Then, simply wait in the silence for as long as you feel led. You can keep doing this until something happens. Don’t walk away the first time, feeling disappointed because you didn’t hear anything or feel anything.

A relationship with Spirit is the most important relationship of your life. Spirit speaks to us spiritually. So, you are like a radio receiver finding the right sound wave, moving the dial to and fro until you find the correct place to connect to the voice of God in your heart. Everyone hears or sees God or Spirit in a different way. Be patient and at peace. Find your personal path to God with diligence and consistent practice.

The same God that created you will also finish the work it began in you. Believe that with all of your heart!


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