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I am not surprised that more and more people are suffering from insomnia as the days of quiet and solitude in the world are simply over. We do not and will not experience quiet unless we find a safe place in our minds and in our homes to allow PEACE to exist in our lives. Peace is always present, but you must welcome it in to your life; otherwise, it stays outside your door waiting for you to answer its call.

Of course, the presence I speak of is the God presence, which only comes to our anxious hearts when we make time for meditation and quiet. If you are finding sleep harder and harder to acquire, then you must also take the time to invite the presence of love and security to be in your life, before you ask your body to sleep. Otherwise, you will continue to experience the Race Consciousness that the world is feeling from so much terrorism and destruction.

In my own personal practice, specifically with sleep, I make sure I spend, at least, 15 minutes of silence before I go to bed. This means turn off your televisions. Don’t have a television in your bedroom putting you to sleep. This is simply the worst way of giving your spirit rest. This is like unlocking your front door before you go to bed. You will have no idea what enters your subconscious while you sleep. You must always guard your mind from negative thinking.

In my 15 minutes of silence, I do a few yoga poses that are relaxing, nothing strenuous. I breathe with intention, using the same 6 counts to inhale and 6 counts to exhale. I may put on some lovely music with no words. I find that as long as the music does not contain words, music is okay, because it does provide a loving, harmonious and safe environment for sleep.

Then, I prepare my sleep space with an intention: “I will sleep beautifully in the arms of Spirit and love and awaken feeling refreshed and ready for my day.” I never cloud my mind with a large intention before I sleep.

Sleep is not meditation.

You should not try to meditate right before you sleep. You may end up going into a meditative state instead of sleeping. The meditative state is consciously awake, which leads one to feel as if he or she has been up the entire night. Perhaps, that person will feel rested bodily, the mind must also go to sleep to recharge. Leave your meditation for the early morning.

Then, I simply get still in my bed. Usually, I don’t move my body until I awaken. My entire body stays in one place, never restless as I sleep. I believe the reason for this is that I have explicitly instructed my body to be at peace and have provided the necessary means to give it rest and replenishment.


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