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Have you ever woken up and just felt like sleeping in, not trying, and giving into every subtle influence around you? When you do so, do you feel as if this is contrary to your belief in yourself, God, or your spiritual walk?

I am a very methodical person. I like routine. In fact, I prosper and create best when I have a specific routine set up for myself every day. I do make a point of giving myself a day to take a break from that routine. This is called REST, just in case you have never heard of the word or have NOT allowed it in your vocabulary. Workaholics tend to resist this word completely, which inherently would produce many more days like the one I described above.

We have to let go sometimes and release from all resistance. Yes, it is okay spiritually to do so. “Let Me Fall!” the song says, “And if I will fall, someone or something will catch me.”

But, even in our times of giving up the struggle, we are always in the shadow of the Almighty force of love that guides us, loves us, and keeps us from straying too far from the light. I know this to be true in my life with certainty.

For instance, recently, I had a setback. I wanted to just crawl in bed and stay there all day for about three days. In fact, I did stay in bed the first day and let myself feel all of the grief that came up. However, I did match this grief with recordings that I knew would encourage my soul to feel its pain, but believe in a power greater than the tangible. I even repeated some of the words to myself as I listened to the mantras of faith and hypnosis recordings I made for myself to increase my belief in the positive nature of Creative Mind. Affirmations are great at times like these. They supplement your soul with the care and medicine it needs, in times of stress.

Even though, at times during the day, I thought I had no hope left, the truth was I had great hope beneath my pain. There was the belief that every prayer, every affirmation, every announcement of truth that I had ever spoken or prayed continued to produce in kind, even though my human self was filled with grief and stopped believing for a moment.

If we go back to our metaphor of planting seed thoughts into the garden of the Mind, then we know that there will be days when the sun is so hot that ours plants, growing in the garden of the mind, look as though they have dried up and died, or that the rain comes down in torrents and seems to smash all the plants as if a giant had walked through our garden with four-foot, spiked boots.

During those times, we wait for the torrents to stop then help the plants to regain their structure. If the plants were too dry, when the sun goes down, we water them until the earth is rich with moisture again. The next day, alas, the plants are fine. The same is true with our seed thoughts and the dreams of our future in the mind of God.

There will be times, always, when things do not go our way. But that doesn’t mean that all we have sown, all we have worked for, and all that we have dreamed of has been for naught. No, of course not. The roots of those plants we have sown in the Mind of God are still in tact and growing, even when the tops of the plants look worn and dead.

With a little care and time, you and your dreams will be back on track. Take care of yourself today!


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