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I have used the word mojo before, but I didn’t really know what it meant until this morning. The urban dictionary says that it’s a spell or a magic charm. So, when someone says, “Girl, you got some mojo going on?” That means, actually, that you have cast a magic spell over him or her. Or if you want to get your mojo working, then you have something special you may do to cast a sense of good luck or overwhelming “rightness” around your life.

I certainly could use some good mojo, right now, concerning the selling of my house. In fact, I’m sitting here writhing in pain, because I hurt my lower back and hip joint a couple days ago probably picking up a toothpick or something silly like that. I have no idea what I did to cause such excruciating pain. I simply know that sitting at this computer and typing is taking every bit of energy I have to not scream out in pain. Fortunately, for me, this has happened before and a very nice doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer. So, the last couple days I have been carefully taking medication as I move through my busy days, only using the meds when I absolutely need them and when I have no clients. We wouldn’t want Bo flying high as a kite and working at the same time. That wouldn’t be a good combination. However, having the help of a medication to ease severe pain can also be a real blessing, especially during a time of waiting.

In my case, before my back issues began, I have been using my extra time at the computer, mostly, writing and corresponding with many friends about my move. The unfortunate problem with a back spasm, at this moment in my life is that I can barely sit, let alone concentrate, while at the computer.

Yesterday, I had an editing client for three hours and wanted to crawl right out of my skin after about two hours of sitting in a chair. We ended up taking a fortunate lunch break, right about then; otherwise, I don’t believe I would have been able to finish the project. Again, thank God, for muscle relaxers. This pain also does seem to diminish as I walk around, but unfortunately, rain has followed me through the last 3 days. Last evening, I even went to the gym and walked gently on the treadmill for 45 minutes, since that seems to be the only kind of exercise I can do. I’m trying to NOT gain any more weight from being sedentary. Yes, I’ve already put on almost 3 pounds because I haven’t been exercising, which is terribly disheartening, since I have worked so hard to keep this 19 pounds off. I can actually watch my belly grow, which also isn’t so pretty.

The interesting thing about the human process of making change, such at weight loss, is that almost everyone who tries to lose weight, eventually comes to a place where he or she gets hurt and can’t exercise for a period of time. I have seen it hundreds of times in the past few years with coaching clients.

I helped one woman lose 80 pounds, only for her to get lymphedema in one leg and not be able to exercise for a month while she coaxed her body back to health completely sedentary. Was this some kind of ploy from her brain and body that wanted her to gain back the weight because it felt as if she was moving out of homeostasis and into effective change? Perhaps!

For me, since I can’t do much but lay around the house as I alternate ice and heat packs, I have been meditating a lot. I feel that Spirit is calling me to a silent place, instead of worrying about the sale of my house. For this, I’m thankful for the pain. You see, we can’t make haste about healing, nor can we argue with our present aches and pains. Sometimes action isn’t the answer. Most times, sitting quietly and waiting for answer and healing is the best medicine. We simply have to look at what is and make the best of it.

For instance, this morning, I have to teach yoga. You’re thinking, yeah right! Exactly, my point. I’m going to go to class with my street clothes on and monitor it, while I let the woman who is going to take over my class teach. She needs to learn, and I need to let her learn. It may be the perfect opportunity for her to make some mistakes that I can help her through. When I get home, I might just lie down and spend the rest of the day meditating on selling my home and dream of my awesome future. I can do that now, without feeling as if I should be doing something productive, instead. I have no excuses to not know the truth about spirit: “be still and know that I am God.”

I absolutely am knowing for you and me, today, that the perfect will of God is transforming your life and mine, as we wait in the peace of God for the right and perfect decisions to transpire. If you need a little mojo, meditation is the perfect place to begin to envision your bountiful blessings. When the seed is planted in your mind and has had the time to gestate, your dream will grow, just as lovely as a beautiful flower blooming in the spring.


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