I Never Do Anything Twice

I dreamt of this Stephen Sondheim song last night. In the dream, an old gal friend from college kept singing variations of it in a campus atmosphere. Eventually, I found myself, in the dream, hanging from a contortionist’s rope, singing the song as a countertenor. So, without much further ado, today’s blog must be what exudes from my subconscious. Even I can’t imagine what this discovery will be, as I’m always doing everything, I like, more than once.

Addicts say that the reason they continue most problematic behavior is that they try to recapture that first, original high. So, maybe, trying to do anything twice is moot. Perhaps, we should intend that we do everything in our lives, like the Tibetan Buddhists, in different ways to keep life fresh, new, and in the NOW. Living in the current moment requires some action on our part.

First, one must decide that the past has no business hanging, like an anchor, from our memories. The past takes up the precious space that Spirit wants to fill entirely with the next, new moment. So, how do we get to the place where we are so excited about what may happen, that we let go of what did happen?

One perceivable problem with this point of view is expectation. As you probably already figured out, the NOW can have some very disappointing and ugly moments, as well as beautiful ones. So, loving the now, requires a special look at the present that you may not have considered: “Even what we perceive as bad or ugly, if we wait long enough, will fill our minds with grand lessons that may change us forever. In fact, some of the worst looking moments in my life have become some of the most memorable ones.

Once, after the death of a dear friend, a group of his dear pals all gathered around the departed’s partner to be with him and hold him up in his grief. In the moments of pain, we found the deepest friendship, love, and laughter I’ve ever experienced in my life. The three days we spent together, managing the people going in and out of his home, preparing for the funeral, and actually celebrating my friend’s life, became the framework of something so beautiful that I often consider those days one of the best moment’s of my life.

When you live life moment to moment, you must be assured that the Master Designer has made each second express in the most important way to gain your complete attention. So, what I do, is ask for Spirit’s guidance in desperate moments, and claim to be God’s crystal in the chaos. If you can stay still long enough to wait for the culmination of life’s important moments, you will be assured that Spirit is more than awesome in intention and delivery!



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