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For as long as I can remember, I have been told that bad people go to hell. This Christian promise was a perfect way for my parents to manipulate me to be good. I had images of heaven that were beautifully wrought with rainbow colors and angels playing harps. Who could forget the promise of roads made of gold, white majestic robes for the righteous, and beautiful mansions in the sky for those who made it through this human life without turning from God and omitting sin?

On the contrary, hell carried the unrighteous monsters—the angels that had been cast down from heaven for disobeying God. They burned in eternal fires like devils with red pokers along with the unrighteous humans who forsook God. With all that imagery thrust upon us as children, it’s no wonder each of us found it impossible to be good enough for heaven, then, and even now.

What if we simply decide to resist all this made-up bullshit about heaven and hell? What if we simply said: “I would rather forgo that kind of heaven, if the God there is that full of unrighteous judgment”?

In Mark 15:16, the scriptures ask the followers of Christ to lead people to Christianity by spreading the promise of heaven. In the years that I have been witness to spreading the word, the activity has been more like spreading a deadly virus that keeps only those who believe EXACTLY as the zealots or you die and burn! Listen, God had nothing to do with zealous people spreading their own versions of the truth. We must get that straight in our minds, before we make up our minds about Spirituality.

I’m beginning to believe that God has no anthropomorphic qualities at all, anyway. God, to me, is the tiniest particle in physics and the ever-expanding universe in the sky, the ocean that houses and feeds the millions of aquatic critters, and the same ocean that causes a tsunami. God is Spirit and God is all that is created, sustained, and fading with time.

If we are to believe that God is all in all, then it is not enough to believe that Spirit God is simply love! God is the creative force, the sustaining force, and also the destroying force of the universe. Every metaphor in the physical world leads us to believe that there is a beginning, middle, and end to everything human and physical. So, why is it that we only attribute the good to God and have provided a scapegoat—Satan—to have all the bad attributes of the world?

As believers of the expanding spiritual truths of New Thought Religion, we must embrace all of God and be okay with every aspect of the world. Being at peace with and desiring change can go hand in hand. With this we will truly begin to embrace our own juxtaposing human qualities. As a result become stronger, less self-deprecating, and learn to embrace all of the aspects of our creative, sustaining and destructive behaviors.

  • Remember, we need the destroyer for the power to get rid of negative thoughts, attributes in our lives that no longer serve us, and bad habits that cause our bodies to be depleted of nutrition and health.
  • We need our creative source to plant the seeds of dreams in the subjective field of consciousness; and
  • We need the sustaining force of God to maintain the good that we have harvested in the autumnal seasons of our lives.

Without all of these attributes, we are only 2-dimensional humans destined to fall behind in our spiritual growth, get poor, and seek to be led by mind control and religions that teach us what to do and how to do it like blind sheep.

By accepting that God is actually Spirit or Energy that is all in all, we step into adulthood as a child of God and the universe. Now, we can begin to be creators with God, as is our birthright!


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