If Fear Wins!

Most of us have had a day or a week when we simply resign to fear. Fear’s tendrils wrap around our mind. We are consumed with negative thinking and spiral into a general funk. I get it. I’ve been there plenty of times. However, only a perceptive person can unhook from fear’s tendrils. This proactive stance is actually quite easy. I’ll show you in this blog.

In the “Conscious Reporter,” David Gardner writes:

Fear is a weapon of social control used to manipulate thoughts and actions without people even knowing it. Today it is used to control and alienate would-be practitioners of alternative spirituality. How has this happened and who stands to gain from it? By understanding how fear is used we can be free of manipulation in our choice of spirituality.

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Continued from above:

“Human behavior is predictable and therefore controllable”
(F. Skinner)

“The fight-or-flight response is one of the most basic instinctual mechanisms we are born with. Fear has an impressive history of helping us to avoid harmful situations, and as we listened to it and survived by running from predators, these instincts were probably reinforced through generations as those who survived through fear brought their children up to survive in the same way.

“But fear can also be used as a mechanism to control us and scientists have long been fascinated by fear reactions, conducting many studies trying to understand how fear becomes conditioned. The greatest developments in this field have been in the realm of ‘Behaviorism’; the theory that animal and human behavior can be explained through conditioning.”

The truth, however, is that though humans can only be conditioned if they are unaware or hypnotized by fear. When we understand why fear exist, we can preemptively condition our own minds to react in a different way. This is the way humans are far different than animals.

However, most humans react like lab rats because they have never trained their own minds NOT to be stimulated to societal fears.

To prevent fear from paralyzing us, we must first take precautionary methods:

  1. Do not introduce too much negative news into your brain. You cannot successfully condition yourself to react differently to fear if you are constantly watching the news. Traditional news stations typically are trying to induce fear, so that you will continue to watch and tune in daily to make sure that you are okay. When, in fact, you are already and have been safe the entire time.
  2. You must also reduce the amount of television and movies that you watch that make your mind void of feeling for killing, murder, explosions, torture and the spilling of blood. It seems we watch these shows to make our minds immune to the idea that this could happen to us. The truth, however, is that all of this mass murder drama affects the subconscious where our core beliefs exist.
  3. The subconscious must be nurtured more than the conscious mind to the core values and truths that keep you mentally stable and psychologically fit.

Yesterday, I fell prey to some bad news that blindsided me. I didn’t realize that I was even reacting to it, until I was already pouting. I turned on the television, midday, which is not something I often do, just to try to get my mind off of my feelings. After the show—an old comedy called Green Acres—I actually turned off all electronics and got quiet.

When I did this I was able to fortify the part of my mind that needed a booster shot of Truth and Love and Security. Because we don’t carry around a spiritual or psychological advisor in our back pockets, we must be our own nurse’s aid, administering the proper spiritual medication to keep us protected from the infection of fear-based ideas.

The prayer sounded something like this:

“There is only One Presence, One Power, One Love, active in my life, active in the universe, and surging through me now.

“This love in my sound mind is consistently peaceful. I have been created with this Benevolent Mind, so I am like It in all ways.

“It is the macrocosm. I am the microcosm. I am a reflection of all that is good in the world. This is why I feel the tensions of the world and the fear of society with such a strong compassionate heart.

“However, my object is not to fall prey to this fear, but to be a light instead.

“My objective in life and to myself is to shine, not to hide my light under a bushel. To shine I must be fortified with dynamic Truth. This truth is compassion for myself and others, infinite intelligence that leads me onto the perfect path each moment.

“Indeed, I am a reflection of all the good and prosperity that I see around me.

Fear is an illusion. It will always be an illusion until the love in light bearers like you and I shine bright enough to squelch the negativity under our heels. This I can see happening in my mind now.

Love yourself today!


You don’t get to this voice if reason or recognize it unless you spend time with yourself in silence, asking yourself important self-talk questions. This is like dating. You must get to know the voice of the Spirit by spending time in meditation and silence. This is the only I know to clearly download the power of wisdom and recognize the voice—IN TIMES OF TRAUMA—that is always directing YOU into safety!


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