If You Make the Mold, Who Fills It?

Today, I’m reminded of my childhood, when I lived very near a steel mill. I often would watch the strong metals melted down to a molten form, flowing seemingly from the sky into a huge tub. This liquid metal would be poured into molds and shapes to make more rigid and enduring metals, creating beams, knives, fences, pots and pans, tools, utensils, vehicles, etc. Our consideration today is about creating a Divine Mold with our prayers. Then with this intention, understanding the concept of Divine Energy filling that mold to our request.

Ernest Holmes says: “We should be very careful not to think that because we make the mold (with our prayers), that we must create the substance (that fills the mold)… The molds are made in our subjective minds, through conscious and specific thought… The substance is… Universal Energy.”

What I take from this reading is that, when we set out to pray with intention, we create a mold or a template from which we allow spirit to fill that mold with Divine Substance. From the ether Spirit creates and manifests that which is already in existence in the Mind of God by fulfilling our essential desires.

What a relief, actually, to think that we don’t have to set out to actually fill the mold, that the hard part of the process, Spirit does. We simply rest in the knowledge that the Grand Consciousness is always operating upon a law of mind in which our thoughts are becoming reality—whether negative or positive.

So, let’s look at an example of creating a dream. You discover that your hearts delight would be to have a partner with whom to share your life. When you define this dream by means of creating a mold that is specific to what you want and need, then Spirit goes about filling that mold.

What you need to understand, though, is that mold is specific to what you intend. So, if you just said, “I want a partner to share my life,” then the spirit is free to act on your behalf in any way it sees fit. So, as one minister shared, she prayed that specific prayer and ended up with a puppy dog. She didn’t ask for a human. She didn’t request an intimate partner. She treated for a generic partner to bring joy and share life.

I know for certain, my dog fills that roll perfectly in times of needing unconditional love. However, my dog doesn’t fulfill the role of someone of like mind who would love me intimately and personally. So, it is up to us to “intelligently” respond to the intellect of Universal Mind. We also must meet this mind with passion and feeling to drive our prayer to Source.

So, today, as you create your next prayer or desire, think about with what specificity you build your mold for spirit to fill with divine substance. Make each prayer and request as if you see the pertinent outlines, but allow Spirit to give you the greatest and best, even beyond your own belief.

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