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Many people, especially those dealing with mental health issues have found that much of their problems started at a young age. (This is not to say that parents and teachers didn’t do their best. This is simply explaining your subconscious mind and its working, based on the input of past experience.)

Let take an example of growing up in a very active and committed religious upbringing. Your father may have been a preacher or an elder in the church. Maybe your mother played the piano. You had two brothers and sisters. Suddenly, without even your parents realizing it, you became a show family, placed in the public’s eye for intense scrutiny. Your parents expected you to be the perfect children. When you weren’t, you saw the wrath of God in their eyes—before you ever found a spiritual connection to God.

You were the oldest child. As you grew, you realized that a group of teens in the church rebelled against their religious parents. Their behavior spoke to you, because you felt as if you had no voice or opinion in a house that was made of strict laws with no bending. So, you began to act out. You smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol, smoked pot, and had relationships with other church people, who were hiding in the closet. Church ended up being the perfect breeding grounds for all of your misdeeds and, unfortunately, your impending dysfunction.

I didn’t know this until very recently that 85% of all pedophiles are adults who manage, preach, or are elders in churches. So, to say that a church is a safe place for a young person is a complete misnomer. I went to a Catholic school where the nuns thought it was a great practice to actually wash out children’s mouths with real soap and water. They also would slam your fingers in a desk if you were talking out of turn. I’ve witnessed this, first hand. Perhaps, now, these things don’t happen, but we are talking about our childhood. These things happened when no effective governmental monitoring system was in place. So, we are left with the scars that came from such a tragic, overly religious background.

It, also, just so happened that the young priest who governed all of our extra curricular activities is now in jail for pedophilia. No one was safe in those times. My ideas of religion and spirituality were completely entangled in my thoughts of right and wrong. I had no idea a God or Spiritual Presence existed who actually loved me and wanted to guide me, until I had my own spiritual experience with that loving spirit. I thank God and my bleeding heart for that time in my life when I was searching for truth. Sometimes, that’s all it takes for Spirit to find you.

So, now our subconscious minds holds images and thoughts about spirit and parents that may not be the way you want to think now. If that’s true, you must allow these old thoughts to the surface and deal with them, and most importantly, create effective change. My book “Finding Authentic You,” can really help you with the psychology of change. I hope you can find it in your heart to loop for it, or any of my other self-help books or novels or meditation and healing Mp3s on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. Just type in my name to the search engine on Amazon: Bo Sebastian, you will find 21 different kinds of media, including my yoga DVD. Namaste.

To this information, I freely add that in July, I am moving to Southern Florida to begin a new small imprint publishing company called: Finding Authentic You Publishing: findingauthenticyou-publishing.com. I am accepting submissions now for my January 2015 bookshelf. If you or any friends are interested, please go to the website and read the submission guidelines. Thanks.

Finding Authentic You is my brand and is also a self-help guide, which I wrote, with 365 Discoveries, meant to aid you in facilitating some of life’s most difficult challenges, like sleep. But, the discoveries also lead you to what you believe spiritually, understanding your goals, learning to believe in your self, discovering the most distinct you, unlocking all of your negative thinking, and helping you replace it with positive, creative thought using many different modalities, including hypnosis, prayer, and psychology. Once you know yourself, then relationship with Spirit and people is a fairly easy task.

For much more information about finding out about the psychology of the human mind and being your authentic self, self-love, and self-esteem, check out my new book below. “Finding Authentic You” will answer many of the questions I propose above. The book also has many discoveries about health, both mental and physical, as well as spiritual discoveries to lead you to your highest and best! Thanks for being a part of my tribe and helping me make this book be a Bestseller.

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