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I facilitate a Gay Spiritual Warriors group in Wilton Manors. The group is an offshoot of a book I wrote called “Uncommon Gay Spiritual Warrior,” about being disenfranchised from church and having to find a way to recreate one’s own sense of spirituality. Since December of 2014, over 150 men have stepped up to the plate to call themselves Spiritual Warriors.

We meet in a safe place, sans religion and very much spiritual, called The Center of Spiritual Living in Fort Lauderdale. This is a branch of New Thought churches, which bears it name because of its belief that “the realm of Divine Mind, called consciousness, must first change, before we see effects in our external world.”

This is not to be confused with New Age, which is more of a broad brushstroke, characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, with an interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism. And, just to be clear, this is not Scientology or any brand of it.

In our discussion at the Warriors Meeting, we found ourselves reaching into a deep metaphysical pocket about feeling safe when we prayed, especially in community. I hadn’t realized it, until a few years ago, but judgment in my past caused a tremendous amount of fear around religion and churches, in general.

To prove my point, I was at a local restaurant celebrating a birthday with ten friends. As we waited for our table, I saw an old friend whom I had met at a Pentecostal church. (I used to be a Pentecostal preacher! Yes, I know… it’s a stretch.) As the story goes, I introduced her to my male partner, Michael, who excused himself to go to the restroom. The moment Michael left the conversation, my “friend” turned to me and said very abruptly and without a beat: “I have to tell you, Bo, that if you continue in this sin of homosexuality, you will go to hell!” Yes, in the restaurant, holding a martini, glistening with an extra shot of goldschlager, she began to quote the Bible, or her narrow-minded understanding of certain scriptures.

From that day, I began to distrust anyone who called him/herself a Christian as soon as that word popped up, even though, I knew many lovely Christians who would never think to say something that awful. I have been cornered with this same remark about ten times in my life, which has left serious scars on my soul concerning religion—not spirituality. However, sometimes in our own prayer life, a blurry line exists between the two ideas. This deliniation between spirituality and religion is the reason I wrote Uncommon Gay Spiritual Warriors and now go to a church that embraces me completely, without judgment.

To even begin on a course of spirituality, you must feel safe! In my estimation, God never judges anyone, but only leads us to a place more loving, more compassionate, and more authentic, every day. A great many new thought believers use a version of meditation to center themselves and gain spiritual insights and balance in their daily lives. But, even in this very private space, as we discussed, one must feel entirely safe and transparent.

Being filled with insight, love, and compassion takes emptying of an old belief, releasing the fear completely. You can’t fill a glass that is already full. Nor can you fill a mind with light when it is already overflowing with stress, fear, anxiety, and judgment.

Today, search your heart to see if you feel judged in anyway in your spiritual community. If you do, you may be building a barrier to spiritual enlightenment, especially in the deepest communication between your soul and Divine Mind.

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