In the Cross-hairs of Disaster!

This is a painting I did while on the beach meditating! It’s called: “perfect peace!”

I have been peaceful so far, a crystal in the chaos of the maelstrom that I’ll call IRMA. My husband feels exactly the same. Everyday, we commit our lives and our future to the hands of Spirit. The question that I hear in social media is: Does this make us brave or are we fools?

Many people are trying to coerce me to leave where I am to go to higher or safer ground. The truth—that is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow—Spirit is in control of my life and all things seen and unseen. If I felt the need to leave, I would.

Another painting I did while contemplating the power of Spirit! Called, “namaste”

However, my heart says stay. Is remaining her for the animals we care for? Is it for the rest of my family that has also chosen to stay? Is it for the few friends and elderly that we care for here at our complex? All of the above I answer with a big YES.

If you have known me for a long time, you know I’m a man of consistency and sense. I rarely do things that contradict my own soul. I take time with decisions and spend much time in prayer and contemplation finding that peace that passes all understanding.

I painted this for my mother-in-law. She loves angels and this was to show her our love!

So, when you ask me to go against my heart, are you asking me to go against truth as I know it? Or is that you would feel safer if I were with you, in your loving arms?

Either is a perfect answer, my friends. I feel uplifted by the outpouring of hospitality and the love pouring out on my family. We would come to your side in a heartbeat if our spirit would let us. But, David and I are in unison about this. And so it is.

Pray this prayer with me: “There is only one presence, one love, one power active in my body, present in this state, permeating the universes. This power created me and everything about me exists within Its grace.

“It doesn’t matter what I have done in the past, today I begin anew.

If we could get back to the power of a child’s mind, we would experience unlimited ability to manifest our Good.

“I believe I am a creator on this Earth as God created me in Its image. If I am a creator, then I can commit to the challenge of changing my thoughts into reality with faith. Just like a garden, today I plant the seed for (what I need and what you need)!

“I will water this seed with belief in the one immutable law of love. When I fear, I will reject the thoughts that will stop my truth from manifesting. And then I will begin, once again, to believe until I see evidence of this perfect law.

“I’m thankful for this beautiful chance as a human to experience that which is my present life now. I release my intention to the one immutable law, the Source, Infinite Intelligence. And so it is!”


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