In the Twinkling of an Eye

The last time I saw an eye twinkle was when I noticed that a friend had fallen in love. I could see it in her gaze as she stared longingly at her partner. As I watched her, the light shined in such a way that it appeared she shot Cupid’s ray of hope directly at me.

At Christmas, I love to see the twinkling lights on trees and coming from rooftops. People travel from different states just to see all the thousands of lights at the Opryland Hotel during the holidays. Twinkling lights are awe inspiring.

My dear friend Nancilynn told me that she saw me fall in love, when the breeder of my dog put Coco in my arms. I felt that—in a twinkling moment—my heart bonded to my loving pet.

When I would visit family in Tucson, Arizona, the sky always appeared to be so close I could reach it, especially in the desert. I have seen many stars twinkle in a midnight sky that took my breath away.

The dictionary defines twinkle as a “shine with a gleam that varies from bright to faint.”

The Christian bible says: “In a flash—in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet… the dead will be raised imperishable.” (1 Corinthians 15:52)

So, what is it about a twinkle that is so fascinating and beautiful that it captures our attention and keeps us captivated?

To tell you the truth, I started this blog with a title and have absolutely no idea where I’m going with it. This is what I would call trusting for information to appear before me and for inspiration to follow the trending of my thoughts. But no connection of thoughts seems to be coming. I can see that there is something I want to say, but I can’t seem to put my finger on the pertinence.

Let’s do an exercise together: Just imagine that we have been given the mission to write about “in the twinkling of an eye” for a friend’s wedding. So, as a faithful friend, we input the title in bold and wait in the silence for inspiration. For me, waiting for information is more about listening to thoughts. They gather around me like ideas and present themselves as people knocking at my door. Some I answer, and others I just ignore. Most, however, I write down and wait to see how all the thoughts fit together.

If you have ever been stymied by inspiration for something you must write or artistically complete, this is a simple solution. Just do… Paint until something wonderful happens. Write until something palatable appears before you. Compose until you have options to choose from.
In the book “The Artist’s Way,” Julia Cameron talks about writing five pages every day just to get the dross out of your head, to make way for true inspiration. I do something similar to that. It’s as if I write down all I can think about a subject, then whittle away at it until a Da Vinci statue appears.

This inspiration often happens in a twinkling of an eye. I have that aha moment when I see the art or the divine purpose in front of me. I get a palpable feeling in my chest as I know for sure the meaning and reason is likely to help someone through some difficult paradigm.

This moment is happening for me now. I know I don’t really have to go any further now. I have come to the understanding that this title was about gathering information and helping people through artist’s block.

The most important aspect of observing the twinkling is that it happens as movement in time. If you are not sitting in the moment, moving with it, you miss the twinkling, just as if you were NOT outside watching for a shooting star, you inevitably would miss it.

Life happens in a twinkling of an eye and if you are not fully present you miss it. If we are in our minds wondering about the future, worrying about bills, too interested in finding relationship, we miss the very twinkling that sets our heart afire.

* * *
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