Incarnational Spirituality

If we are spirits dwelling in a human form, then by nature, we are spirit incarnate. So, all of our actions here on earth are actually incarnational spirituality. We must use our human form to communicate, act, and function in a spiritual way. This is like training a dog to do tricks. Our human body is basically animal. We hunger, we respond sexually, and spend most of our days on earth trying to survive. This, by definition, is an animal state.

So, when you start to think about it, why would an all-knowing God put a perfect spirit in the form of an intelligent animal? Wouldn’t you think that most of our spiritual questions would be answered if we understood this conundrum?

Spirits dwelling in body is the struggle we face every day. You can’t have an epiphany one day and expect that your body will change its physical state every day, thereafter. It’s almost as if, you have to command your human mind to understand by stating your theory over and over again, before your body and brain make a permanent change. Even then, all change has to be considered in the deductive mind every day, which is likely to overthrow the spirit if you have a bad day or a frustrating one.

The only way I can make sense of this conundrum is to remember a quote from a friend who passed away of colon cancer a couple years ago. Before her diagnosis, she often told me that life was so hard that she wouldn’t mind being back with God in spirit. Death didn’t scare her. That was, until she actually was about to die. Then she did everything she could to stay alive. She said of life in her final year: “You never understand the meaning of your humanity, until it is being taken away from you. You look at the sunrise, at flowers, at friendships, and family with a different set of spiritual eyes!”

If you think about it, when someone begins to diminish physically with stage four cancer, the body—or the ego—gets weak. If the body gets weak, what would you imagine would get stronger? Exactly right… the spirit.

So, suddenly, when the ego diminished, she saw that life wasn’t about the constant battle to stay peaceful in the chaos. Life actually was enjoying her humanity and dancing in the chaos.

I had another dear friend who died of prostate cancer. He was a Trappist monk for forty years, then eventually married a nun. As George Fowler was dying, he wrote a book called: Learning to Dance Inside, which you can find on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Learning-Dance-Inside-Getting-Meditation/dp/0156005247/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1379171367&sr=1-3&keywords=george+fowler. In the book George talks of the ways to release from the desire to satisfy your yearning to be the perfect spiritual person by taking away all that you love and enjoy. He remarks that you must learn to dance in your human body and enjoy everyday.

But I believe the only way you can do that is by getting to the place in life where you accept your blemishes, accept your humanness, and find a way to see life through your spiritual eyes while living in the body, perfectly content to live, but compassionately overseeing it with the eyes of spirit.

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