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While watching the news or a television show the terms #instant_success or #overnight_YouTube_Success seem to be popping up everywhere. If you have been in the arena of SEO’s (search engine optimization), social media, and website success, you know nothing is for free. Success rarely happens overnight.

I have many people in my life who have been working way too hard to not have made it to success yet. The timing of success is not always up to you. In fact, I don’t believe we have much more to do in our lives except:


  1. to be present,
  2. shine our lights, and 
  3. be prepared.


In other words, we must do our work and not just sit around waiting for luck.

For instance, whether my books are selling or not, I write my blog and or write something everyday. I write daily to let myself and the universe know that I express as a Writer. As far as my other projects, these too are all a part of the bigger picture for me as I sow seeds for the future.

As many you have seen, I have started a new YouTube cooking channel and a website (launch is July 2017) called Angel Feast. In three weeks, I have conceived, written, and produced fourteen cooking shows. I have marketed them every day. I have used social media and have worked every last contact to help push the process forward.

So, you may ask, how many active people do you have signed up for your new YouTube Channel? The answer is 40. When you think of the amount of time and work I have given to this project in conception and actual production, the expectation is that I would be an overnight success. The truth, however, is that getting to the top of web searches and allowing time for people to find your product takes great effort, considerable amount of time, and often professional help. Many times, people get tired of waiting and hire the entire process out to a company who works at just marketing and promotions.

For me, I want things to happen organically. I remember when there were only 10 people reading my blog every day. I now have had about 10 million people read FindingAuthenticYou.com blog in the past 7 years. I write almost every day. I am consistent, and I share my content on social media in as many places as will have me. This is the way to success.

So, if you’re doubting yourself or your new business right now, Chin Up! There is no need to pout. The Universe is well aware of your work. Your negative thoughts will only make it harder to achieve your goals. You must consistently treat or pray positive, affirming prayers for your good and believe that you have already succeeded simply by giving 100% every day.

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