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A minister friend of mine, Dr. Chris Michaels, was telling me about how, out of all the living beings on the earth, humans were the only species who DOES NOT use our instincts to drive us. He shared that even though 7.5 billion people populate the earth, there is no DNA that is exactly the same within any living or dead human. So, out of all these individuated and intelligent beings, not one of us is smart enough to trust his dog to help him understand the nature of his own humanness. I think that’s the funniest fact I’ve ever heard.

I think this idea is hysterical because most of us have pets whom we watch daily greet us anxiously at the door, even after we have pushed them angrily away. We see how they don’t sweat the small stuff and focus in on what matters: Their Treats! I wonder what the world would be like if we all took to heart the message of our furry friends.

I’m not saying, let go of all of your human intellect. Oh, hell no! I’m saying that we have an innate sense in us, working to help drive us on the road to sanity. Few—if none—use it. If we do learn our lessons and begin to trust our instincts, we tend to go back to BASIC instinct, instead of our SPIRITUAL instincts, which isn’t the key, either. Our basic instinct is to allow for all of our hungers and lusts to drive us. This wouldn’t help the world at all.

However, existing in all of us—is the magic key that can open the door to the kingdom on earth—our spiritual instinct. How does this operate? How do we connect with the most basic, fundamental law of our minds and body? I’d like to investigate this with the idea of Dr. Michael’s insight.

If we can believe that our most innate drive is our spiritual instinct, then we could begin to accept that God is the most primal force in our intellect. Behind and beneath all of our humanness is a gut response that could drive us to the best decisions we have ever made. If you knew this for certain, would you begin to listen for this voice? I know I would.

What I do to differentiate my ego thoughts from my spiritual thoughts is ask myself two questions: which thoughts are fearful and which thoughts deny other’s happiness for the sake of my own?

When you put your instincts to the test, you realize that having an intelligent brain can actually work to a human’s advantage, when deliberating our best choices for a happy future. An animal can’t do that! But you can. So, today, ask yourself these two distinguishing questions and see where your head is and which part of your instinct is working:

1.) Is what I’m thinking coming from a place of fear?

2.) Is what I’m thinking a selfish choice, by not looking at the biggest picture for all humans around me?


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