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Most of us spend our days wondering… wishing that we were somewhere, anywhere but in our own bodies. We wish to be doing something else, to be someone else, to have a life outside of the one in which we have. This kind of belief usually leads to drinking too much or an excess of something in your life that seems to ameliorate the negative feelings, at least, enough to go through your day without pulling out your hair.

What you don’t realize is that there is nothing outside of yourself that can give you any real satisfaction or security. You think that money would give you security. You believe that a job such as being a movie star or a rock singer would solve all of your problems inside. But, the truth is: Once you lived through the excesses of life, you would find that your true unhappiness is inside. Within you is the only place you can look to find true happiness and joy, as well.

I woke up this morning from a very real dream. I’m not sure what made my eyes open at 4:15 a.m., but, I sat in my living room and had absolutely no idea who I was or where I was. I had to look around me and remember the furniture and my apartment, as if I had never seen it before. I saw my dog curled up beside me before I realized I was Bo Sebastian living in Pembroke Pines, Florida. I was that disoriented.

I had read in my spiritual research that this is one instance in which you can be sure that you are Spirit living in Body. What person wakes up and does not know who he is or if he is truly his body? My disorientation led me back into a meditation that was very interesting. I tried to stay in the mindset that I was simply spirit, unattached to anything human. I wondered where this would lead my thoughts and imagination, or if I would be illumined by any visions or words of wisdom.

I went into a dream that I was eating dinner in a restaurant with a few of my family members and friends. Next to us were Barrack Obama, his two daughters, and Hillary Clinton, also waiting for their meal. The entire dream was about how the people that seems so unreachable in life were as personable as a neighbor you had known me for a long time. I believe the dream was trying to tell me that even the most powerful people in the world are just spirits living in human bodies. They, too, are searching for love and peace. They, too, are linked, somehow, to the spiritual journey that my friends, my family, and I travel.

No amount of fame, pleasure, or power can make a spirit, which is entirely made of God, be anything more than it is—complete and whole, in this moment. The illusion comes from the body, in our ego. We seek outside of ourselves, because we believe that all of these extraneous things can bring us peace, joy, and happiness. Ultimately, we know that, if everything in the manifest world is nothing more than an illusion and will someday pass, then, we must look inside for our purpose and fulfillment. (I’m not saying that wanting more than your life and job provide now is a bad thing. I’m saying that looking for peace and security outside of your own spirit is futile.)

“I am made of Spirit, complete and whole, right here, right now. There is no power in anything outside of me that can help me, satisfy me, heal me, or give me any kind of security. The only security I need is a true spiritual purpose and an understanding of my oneness with the eternal power of God. As this Spirit, I am happy and joyful now, creating and manifesting all in my world that draws to my life the power I need to fulfill my purpose.”


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