Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is one of the fastest growing addictions in history. Clearly, as a technical world we are spending more and more time on the computer, so it would make sense that we are using the computer to connect to the world in ways that healthy and unhealthy.

A few of the biggest addictions are porn, gambling, and sex hook-up sites. The Internet has become instant gratification for those who work too long, don’t want to spend time in bars or other places meeting people face to face, and want to have their fun and work all in the same place. It’s a very messy place of addiction.

You have alcoholism. You can definitely stay away from booze. You have drug addiction. You can leave the drugs and never return. You have cigarette and tobacco addiction. You never buy them again. But computers… we have to be on them constantly. There is a nagging pulse in the back of the addict’s brain that continually draws them back to the place of addiction over and over again.  And with the dawn of erasing cookies and history immediately, most people are safe from ever being caught.

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Here’s the catch. I’ll give you a couple examples. I know a man who was going out of town often for business. He was married with a couple kids. When he would go out of town he would hook-up from Craigslist. Apparently, he got risky and came home with HIV. His addiction was no longer a secret. And his marriage is no longer.

You have a woman who enjoys gambling secretly on the Internet. She does it when all the kids and husband go to sleep. Suddenly she is up to her ears in debt and can’t hide it anymore from the family. She’s caught.

You have a husband who can’t perform in bed any longer. His wife is beautiful and loving and caring. He has given her every excuse in the world, but now she is simply suspicious. She puts a spy cam on his computer and finds that he is visiting porn sites all night after she goes to bed. Now they are in counseling for his addiction.

Listen, addictions, only get worse. Most people think they can handle doing a little of something. But often the draw of the addiction can get to brain that is susceptible to addictive behavior. You may be one of those people. If you are, beware of the Internet.

If you already are in this trap, before you get caught, find some help. What happens is the brain links stimulation with whatever is in front of it. You keep putting gambling or hot babes from porn sites in front of you, you will not be able to unhook and look your partner in the eye when you are trying to make organic love. You will lose all the things you have set out to get in life. Is it worth it for some 2-dimentional reality?

I’ve worked with people for over 22 years with all forms of addiction. Internet is up there with cocaine and alcohol and food. It’s more likely to be in the category of food for me, because food is in that necessary functional situation. You have to have it. So, being around it causes triggers in the brain.

What is necessary is to exchange new thoughts and new patterning for the old thoughts and old patterning. To do this, you have to have a professionals help. Trust me on this. Not many people have the moxie to help themselves.

I hope this gets to the people it needs to today. I sense in my heart that there are some people out there struggling with this issue, and I’d love to be able to listen to your story. Feel free to email me personally. Bosebastian5@gmail.com.

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