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I had a dream last night that I received the honor to drive President Barack Obama to a conference. While doing so, I got to meet his wife and his children at the White House. In the dream, the president said that, after the eight-year term of his presidency, that his wife would move on to leave him. He didn’t seem upset about it. His children also appeared extremely happy and wanted to read my young adult novel. I remember many of their family members and American dignitaries accompanying them as they went to a fun, new restaurant, and left me behind with my car keys and the run of the house.

I awoke in a daze, as my meditations don’t usually include such detailed dreams. Generally, I wake up with a thought or an idea, almost as if the wisdom of the universe had given me a small package to open and discover. Today, as I write, I’m still not quite sure what the dream means.

Does not knowing what you see in a dream mean that you should disregard a possible message from spirit? I would hope not. A dream so memorable usually holds some kind of message. So, I usually write down a dream that makes no sense, at first. Most times, by the time I have finished writing, I see an interpretation appear before me. Other times, such as when I had the dream about a plane crashing into a building in New York, I simply put it away and wait.

Identifying factors of spiritual dreams often reflect your own ideas and thoughts and are not usually prophecy or warning signs about the future. Usually, every character of the dream is You! To interpret dreams you must, first, consider what the dream means by changing the main characters to you. I do this one character at a time.

So, for instance, in my dream about the president, I am the president and his wife and his children. If I start from the president’s point of view, I am the successful ruler of my own being. My wife or my lover has decided to leave me after a term, and I am okay with that. His children being happy could represent the offspring of my ideas or the future—which are prospering and bringing happiness to my life.

Then, surrounded by family, he celebrated. So, the dream, for me, could have just been a confirmation that I have made a good decision to move after the break-up of my relationship. I am now surrounded by family and friends and am ready to celebrate about the future.



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