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I took a wonderful workshop yesterday that I believe could help in any kind of interview, audition, or even dealing with getting over fear in a dating situation. The concept is called Character Key.

Basically, the concept is this: simply pick a character that you know very well, and imagine saying or doing your audition, interview, or dating conversation as that person or animal even (cats are a great I don’t care image what you think image).

For instance, I had an audition where I supposed to be a football lover and hanging out with a bunch of smoking, drinking dudes. This is so far off from my reality. So, I picked a character key, a person in my life whom I know dearly, my brother-in-law, who is a football coach. When I went into the audition, I used his very specific, interesting ways he talks and move his body. As I practiced, I mastered trying to be like him. But, what really happens is that I do a bad impression of him and add my own self to the mix, which creates a great new character.

When I got in to the audition space, I nailed the copy the first time. I had no fear either, because my mind about speaking and doing from another person’s point of view.

Now, I know that usually I’m always looking for ways to be more authentically you, but sometimes fear gets in the way. This is a trick, in times when you have anxiety, to get beyond it with ease and purpose. I’d highly recommend it.

As an acting coach said to me once: “Find your Inner Depp!” Which meant, find your Johnny Depp within, because Johnny is known in the industry as being one of the greatest actors ever.

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