Is Any Fact Completely True?

Every day I go about doing my chores, dreaming, making new friends, nurturing old friendships, and taking care of my family. Along the way I find truths that, sometimes, almost hit me in the head like the old commercials about V-8 juice. Why didn’t I know that? I think. How could this new truth possibly have eluded me all this time? Also, as I travel down the path to revelation, I find deeper truths that seem to negate the nuggets of definitive fact that kept me safe along life’s journey. I begin to wonder if all information I have gathered thus far is just a version of the truth, but not THE truth. If I keep this truth in mind, perhaps, I won’t be beating myself up about not understanding life on a day-to-day basis. Or is this last truth about to change as well?

Let’s look at an example. “God is Love!” This seems to be a reasonable, spiritual fact we can take to the bank. But, suddenly 9-11 happens, and you begin to wonder what LOVE is, if what undergirds all of creation could allow such a travesty. So, you begin to redefine love. “Love is the greatest expression, helping everyone on earth, even when it seems as if what happens in your life is a bad thing. Good will probably come from this. Perhaps, even the greatest lessons of my life could proceed from this one defining moment.”

So, love and its definition keeps changing with your relationship to life and Spirit. The more you get out of yourself and become a compassionate observer, the more perspective you get. Of course, that brings us to the definition compassion. One day you believe that compassion looks loving and caring and selfless, then the next day, you realize in dealing with an family member who is an addict that compassion can be harsh and strong. The truth: everything changes but change, even our definitions of life—especially our definitions of life.

Being open to that change is what makes the difference between someone who is staunch about an opinion (we all know what that looks like) and some0ne who is open and willing to change with the time and situations of life. I promise you that your life will always be more joyful and at peace if you reach out of any small perspective or definition and clear the slate completely. Let this moment, the very present moment, redefine your world day to day.

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