Is Anyone Listening?

My mornings had become taking some time for meditation, walking my dog, Coco, and then having a cup of coffee holding my IPhone and catching up on the news and emails. Recently, I realized that the one thing my morning ritual was missing, though, was time with nature and time silent while awake. I had taken my moments to meditate, but I didn’t take any time to watch the vast blue lake and the beautiful water birds casting their flying shadows on the subtle waves.

If we could get back to the power of a child’s mind, we would experience unlimited ability to manifest our Good.

When I realized I needed to take my coffee on to the porch and leave the handheld device in the house, I noticed that my life was just a little more blessed than I had imagined. Here’s why:

  1. When you take time to be with and in nature, you naturally calm your body and mind.
  2. If you live next to water, the vast amount of blue around you fills your mind with a sweet sense of peace (this is scientifically proven).
  3. When you notice the subtle changes around you (the flowers blooming, a bird perched on a tree, a feather in your path) you connect with the NOW, the only real moment.
  4. When you release your handheld, you show yourself that there is more to life than news and what some friend ate for dinner last night. Your Spirit-self becomes stronger than your objective mind.

Releasing your handheld device (or giving yourself an allotment of time on it) can help you do one great thing: STOP AVOIDING YOUR LIFE!

You know I love you all who read this blog. But we must take time to do what is in front of us, even it if seems more boring than your neighbor. Listen, your Facebook friends are just posting their big night out to make everyone believe that their lives are more interesting than yours. This includes me. Even when I post a happy picture, I have to ask myself why it’s so important to share every part of my life with my friends.

I guess when I get right down to it, I just want my friends to believe I’m happy. Even though I am truly happy, why do I need my friends and family to know this? Right?

These are good questions to begin to ask yourself to begin a self-awareness quiz and to get yourself to balance the amount of time you spend on handheld devices and computers and add more real time to your life with the people you love!



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