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Do you, sometimes, find yourself praying the same prayer over and over again? Do you hope that you are worthy enough, this time, or saying the words correctly enough, this time, for it to be more effective than the last time? What would happen if you recognized this truth: your prayer is not dependent on you or your worthiness?

Your prayer is much like Jesus suggested: If you believed completely and said to this mountain, “Be moved,” it would move! But, the problem with most prayers is that we think we must do the moving. According to the Master Teacher, our only requirement for prayer is to:

  1. Say the prayer; and
  2. Believe it!

That’s it. Nothing more or less. However, then unbelief usually sets in during the wait for the manifestation of your prayer. This is the time for using affirmations. Affirmations or affirmative prayer is simply agreeing with what you have already said. This prayer is not to change your original prayer. This prayer is to convince your self that the Law of Cause and Effect is infallible.

You have never had the power to answer a prayer. Only Spirit does. Remember, we plant the seeds; God grows the tree. Our responsibility, in this metaphor is to trust in the law that when we plant a seed thought into the fertile soils of Divine Mind, what we planted will grow according to that Law.

So, today, let go of all the ways you try to manipulate Spirit and control the outcome of your prayers (voodoo, mind control, and superstition). Let Spirit God do its incredible and infallible THING!


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