Is the Good in Your Life as Random as Roulette?

I had a vision that I was in a large Casino-Luxury Hotel. With me I had two briefcases. One held my money. The other held my talents. When I first got to the Casino the briefcase with the majority of my cash was stolen.

In the vision, I was an observer. I felt no emotion over what happened as I watched life play out. I believed that the wealth in the briefcase simply was not mine to have at that time.

As the vision continued, a teacher began to teach me how to use my remaining cash to prosper. But, as she was teaching me the very complex game of life, someone I knew stole the other briefcase holding my remaining cash and my talents. Again, I left the table wondering with what means I would be able to pay the bill for the hotel and live life.

Of course, a vision such as this—during meditation—holds a vast amount of detail and revelation. However, the journey of the dream left me wondering just how much of life and prosperity is about timing and what is ours to control.

These are questions many of us have, especially those who work two jobs, trying to make ends meet, while the idea of pursuing a dream seems to drift further and further away.

I hear you and I understand the feeling. I have had many clients in the past, mostly men, who started out on one path toward a dream, ended up marrying, the wife gets pregnant, suddenly the man has to forgo his initial dream to provide for his family. I usually see these clients 20 years later, when they have nothing more to dream about except their weekend partying, football games, or an end-of-the-day cocktail. This is not a happy paradigm, yet each of these clients felt as if there were no room in life for a dream.


  • When you stop dreaming, you stop sowing seeds for the future.
  • When you stop sowing seeds for the future in your subconscious and the subconscious of the Universal Mind, then your life will continue as is.
  • You let the forces of everything and everyone around you who are dreaming and believing realign your life.

This is not the life of a co-creator!

In my meditation something was different than the life of someone who lost his idea or his future when life called him to serve out his family sentence. In my dream, the lesson was about learning to wait for the entire “One Mind,” which includes everyone in the world dreaming and wishing. To receive the part of the universal good that is yours to have, you must wait for your seeds to grow, your tree to get strong, and the fruit to mature.

What matters in life is always continuing on the path toward a dream, believing in that dream with all of your heart, and accepting the amount of that dream you get from the Universe with Great Gratitude.

When you live life AS IF everything—including your dream—is already yours, then there is nothing to receive. Even if you have to take 2 jobs to keep your dream afloat, this is the price you must pay to continue on the path to your personal good.

The clients who were frustrated had to realize that Spirit didn’t make their choices to get married and have children. They did. This choice was part of their human future, which they dreamed of and received.

Each person must dream a personal future as well as live out personal responsibilities. We don’t get to run away from our responsibilities to make dreams happen. A just universe doesn’t respect that kind of behavior.

The men I used as examples said to themselves at some point: “There is no use in dreaming. I might as well just accept that I will never have what I want in life. My life is simply meant for my family, not me!”

However, had they continued to believe in their personal dream, it could have continued to manifest in the subconscious until one day it would manifest.

None of us know when our good will come. Happiness in life is not about getting to the dream but about being on the path to the dream. I have been on paths toward a dream before. The winning at the end lasts about 24 hours. Then, where are you with your happiness? On to another dream? 

You had better decide now that life IS about dreaming, all of the time. And HAPPINESS is not random. Happiness is loving each moment of every day, because you understand the power of your word and your dreams.

Universal Law doesn’t work for one person and not another. Universal Law works because Source set the Law in Action to work for everyone.

If you don’t know how to use electricity, you can continue to live in the dark the rest of your life. That is your choice. It is not up to God to teach you how to use electricity. You must set out on a path toward understanding the power of the universe within you.

This Spiritual growth will lead to prosperity every time. This is not because of magic. This growth contains a great amount of time sowing the seeds of the future in meditation—growing your seed thoughts in the rich soil of life, caring for them with your positive thoughts, then reaping the harvest in the perfect season. 

GIVING AND RECEIVING IN LIFE IS OFTEN DIFFICULT. I have been giving from my heart about 2-3 hours a day for 7 years to create advice–spirit, mind and body for millions of readers. Recently, I have been led to ask people to give back as a way for me to learn how to receive.

As a tribute to my belief that “prosperity is all around us, should we choose to receive,” I want to invite those of you who want to send an offering for the joy or advice you have received from Finding Authentic You Blog.

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