homeostasis |ˌhōmēəˈstāsis|

noun ( pl. homeostases |-sēz| )
the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, esp. as maintained by physiological processes.

Has this happened to you? Eighth day of the diet, and I’m beginning to realize that my body wants to go back to what it was before I started dieting. I feel as if I want to eat the entire refrigerator—yes, the metal object, not just what’s inside. Fortunately for me, I emptied most of the remaining junk out of the house. I know, however, that there are two cozy bags of homemade, chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies in the freezer from New Years Eve tucked between a pot roast and some pork chops. I purposely froze the cookies so I would have a harder time eating them. Tonight, I swear I almost ate one frozen. If it wasn’t for the bad state of my fragile back teeth, I would have.

I started out the day frantic. I thought I had set my alarm for seven o’clock, but it was really set for eight. So, when I snoozed, I overslept and almost missed a 10 am appointment for my car. Nonetheless, I still emptied a bowl of steel cut oat into my stomach before I left. Eating quickly just isn’t a good idea.

When I got home from the automotive repair garage, I did some exercises on my ab machine, worked a little on the computer, did some yoga exercises, then ate a bowl of chicken soup and a handful of sesame sticks. I’m beginning to wonder if the sesame sticks are a little more caloric than they seem. I also they believe they may have gluten in them. I’ll have to check it out. (Checked it out. The ratio of fat to carbs to protein is 12:14:3—not a good combination. You should be having a 3:4:3 ratio.)

I didn’t start to get the major urge toward homeostasis until midday, when all I could think about were those cookies. Just get rid of then—you might be thinking. But, I am saving them for when I hit my goal. Right! Get to your dietary goal and then eat cookies. What a great way to reward yourself. Well, now that I think of it, my reasoning is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. In fact, it is a dietician’s nightmare.

I spent a large majority of the day doing work related fluff—I call it. I did bill paying, account checking, post office travelling, and computer work to prepare for my busy week, and finished my taxes—sedentary. I have to say that I’m happy to be getting back to a full week of work. Christmas was slow moving. I’m not used to spending too much time not working, unless, of course, I’m on vacation, which I wasn’t.

Back to that hunger urge. It actually started off as a bit of a headache. Comfort food always seems to help headaches. I’m not sure why. But I swear, I thought about putting the frozen cookie over my eyes a couple times to see if it would relieve the pain. Ugh… much too tempting. And melted chocolate chips in my eyes wouldn’t be pretty.

In fact, I spent the entire day eating things that resembled sweets, but weren’t. I ate yogurt, I ate not one, but two apples. I ate a couple handfuls of corn chips. I wanted to just pig out, but fortunately I stuck to fairly good food.

When I was sitting alone and listening to my stomach, I could tell I was completely full from dinner, which was three bowls of beef stew and a green salad. That was totally overeating for me. I should have stopped at 1 and ½ bowls.

I did have acupuncture today, which made the day and my body feel better. Trey at East Nashville Acupuncture is my new best friend. He totally rocks! He hits the mark every time. Today I went in at 2 o’clock and woke up at 4. I couldn’t believe I had fallen asleep for that long in a room full of acupuncture-induced meditators. But when the needles are in the right place, one just slips into a beautiful place of rest while your body repairs itself. The wonderful thing is that the cost is only $15, so you can give yourself that gift every week, which I definitely try to do.

Tonight I did about 40 minutes of bouncing on my fitness ball while watching  television.  I hope that was enough exercise to overcome the obvious outcome I’m expecting tomorrow.

I absolutely understand why my clients tell me that they hate looking at their scales every day. The constant monitoring is beginning to drive me a little crazy. Not because I don’t want to see where I am with my diet, but because the losses and gains just don’t seem to make any sense at this point. Well, tomorrow will certainly make sense if I gain.

* * *

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