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Yesterday, I posted a cartoon of Michelangelo’s famous statue of David, supposedly overweight after staying three years in the U.S. Most people laughed and commented accordingly. But one person added some interesting facts to the post. He said that the U.S. was not the only country that had a weight problem. In fact, countries like Russia and China were also experiencing obesity problems, probably because of the emergence of American food into the country infrastructure.

The truth: Obesity is no joke! We laughed at the cartoon, because most of us have had so much trouble losing just a few pounds. In my work, I have helped people lose 100 pounds or more, which usually takes a year or more of steady, steady work.

Some of my clients also had had bariatric surgery or a lap band around the stomach to prevent overeating. But, the stories, even after the surgery, are scary. Most people who have had the surgery, do great at the beginning, but gain most of the weight back after a year.

Personally, I live in a situation where I don’t buy all of the food that comes into my house. Therefore, I am subject to the likes and dislikes of those members of my family who want to by junky food, food with no nutrition and laced with senseless calories. (This is even though, both of them are diabetic.)

If you have been following my blog, about six months ago, I lost 20 pounds and got my body back to a great weight. The weight loss was a struggle with all the junk around me, but I didn’t acquiesce to the junk for about two months, while I steadily and methodically did 45 minutes of cardio each day, swam at least 10 laps, and did 30 minutes of yoga and abdominal work. To this, I added a very intense gluten-free diet, and only ate protein and fresh vegetables or fruit. Almost immediately, my weight surged downward. In two months, the weight was gone, as was my stomach.

Now, going forward, if I continue to eat great meals, rich in vitamins and no potatoes and pasta (or very small portions of these foods), I can now add a bit of the fun food that would have caused a severe weight gain in the past. You see, I think that we all feel that we are being robbed of the “goodies” when we can’t have an occasional ice cream cone or cookie. Lose the weight first! Stick to your diet during meals. Continue to do the exercise. And, you WILL be able to have a treat now and again. I do! And I’m happy to say that I haven’t gained the weight back.

But, I am diligent in the fact that I have kept my cardiovascular workouts steady and most of my meals are completely healthy. Now that the weight is lost, I do order a burger once in a while. But I eat it with a “5-6” fries and no bun. I feel just as happy that way, because my stomach has shrunk, and I simply don’t feel good after eating a lot of carbs.

My stomach gets bloated and I feel sick to my stomach. These feelings of discomfort are my body showing me that I should not have eaten so much. If your body is not responding in such a way to eating junk, then you need to do a purge for a couple of months to get your body speaking to you again.

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