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When you talk to people all of over the world, the permeating fear about the future of the world seems to come from a group of insurgents who used to be the Taliban and now have rebranded themselves as The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), having an estimated amount of manpower of anywhere from 31K to 200K, no one knows for sure. So, 7.3 billion people are virtually being stalked by a less than .03 of a percent of our world’s population. That is like saying the bully of the class, who threatens the innocent and the naïve is the one who has the control. But, who or what really has the control of our fears these days?

When I look at my own fears, they usually are not centered around my own safety. They are more about the idea of prospering and manifesting enough to pay my bills at the end of the month. But, lately, in significant studies with children and parents, we see that the permeating fear in the country is not about money anymore. It is much more about safety; especially for our children, who can go as far as their front yards now to play, instead of by the brooks and in the fields and hiking through the woods as we once did as kids. When news of ISIS recently beheading an innocent child and mother for being involved in a religious order, the news takes our innocence by the balls and practically forces us to fear. I don’t know about you, but I’m no longer going to fall prey to this propaganda, purposely made to put me in a state of fear.

My question is this: How can we take our power back—not so much our physical power as in armies and militant attacks—but in mind and emotions?

Can any of us individuals actually fight this unseen battle of militants who have largely created fear from widely spread propaganda and killing?

Here’s what I know: God is the creator of all. In every ISIS member is the seed of truth, perhaps hiding, yes, but simply acting awry from his or her own fears or misguided beliefs. If we reduce our thoughts from this unseen militia to the individuals involved, we can begin to isolate our own power to overcome fear and secure our homeland individually and as a nation. Just like waking up one day and realizing that the bully is just an overgrown lunk who thinks he can steal my lunch money, when I’m actually just giving it to him.

When I watch the news, I grieve, yes. But, I also begin to think thoughts of healing and peace for those in Iraq and especially for the fearful ones who have been invaded in mind by the malfeasance of less than .03% of the entire world. Like that bully in the class when we were kids, we have to stand up to our fears and, first, fight the idea that we have no power. If we are made in the image of God, then we DO have power to create and do miracles. This happens, first, in mind. So, we must begin this counterattack, not with guns and more war, but in mind as intelligent and scientific creators of peace.

Let’s all gather together, today, and begin seeing our world at peace. If we can stand together and see peace, I know that peace will manifest, because we exist in a world that is founded in love, formed by the intelligence of energy and thought (from the word—came the world).

Let’s take back our power. Stop fearing. And begin imagining and treating our minds to see peace, and peace alone will then reign—first in each individual, then in the world!


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