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Walking the path of true independence takes choosing a careful look at Codependency. To have a codependent, you must have a dependent. To have a narcissist; you must have a co-narcissist. So, for behaviors like the above to exist, you must have two people willing to participate in the psychological drama together.

In A Course in Miracles the Teacher of teachers says about marriage and relationship:

“What seems to be marriage in the worldly sense, between two people, is actually a backdrop for healing the mind. Relationships mirror all that is unconscious, all that has been denied from awareness, so that the ego can be exposed and released. This release is the awareness that the ego is not real and the experience that there is only Love.”

In other words, when you rid yourself of all the separation between you and the world, you realize that the only relationship is with your true self (not the ego) and God or Spirit. To have true independence, you must forget the idea that anyone else can complete you.

Whew! That was hard for me to write, as I have spent my life searching for that special someone. Yes, Bo Sebastian, master of therapy and advisor of relationships, realizes his own mistake on this day of Independence—essentially and mystically. If I want to find someone to share my life with, then I must come to a place of complete INDEPENDENCE with God and with myself.

What does this mean? Within me are the tools to find all the love I need. I can go inside my own heart and be a friend to my soul. I can look inside myself for a healer. I can choose myself over another person, without thinking it selfish. And I can independently love another without losing my true self.

True Independence today is about letting go our old beliefs about loving others and focusing in on the importance of what this day truly means for us metaphorically: Life Begins and Ends Inside this Intricate Network Called Self!

My Advice: Get to know Your True Self or never find peace!

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