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I had the best news today. I know it’s a little early to be reacting, but I have to say I can believe in change and the capacity of an individual to truly rethink his/her life.

I have a friend who was incarcerated because of a horrible addiction to drugs eight months ago. He ended up screwing every one in his life who cared about him, including his family—especially his family. He almost got his mother arrested at the very end for being an accomplice in a robbery he was doing right under her nose.

I prayed very hard for my dear friend (the mother) who was so completely entrenched in her son’s life that she couldn’t see clear to not defend him, even as he was hand-cuffed and being hauled away.

The young man (24 years old) ended up going to jail, convicted of five different crimes. He spent the first three months there with his mother not speaking to him at all. She told me she couldn’t even find the words to tell him how angry and disappointed she was in him. All she could do was be sad and quiet.

As I spoke to him tonight as the young man recounted the months after that as he discovered how he had let his world crumble because of drugs. He began to see what was important and wanted to make things right for his mother and himself. As a result, he made a good go of it in jail and got out early.

He is now in a rehab program for 90 days. I spoke with tonight about the possibilities of the future. He sounded clear and rational and open to a future without drugs. I honestly never thought this would happen, given where he had come from and the amount of arrogance and animosity he had built up in his mind and body.

But mandatory therapy three times a week and Twelve Step programs twice a week for months will get you thinking. I believe if you go into therapy, even pretending you are going through steps just to placate the people in charge, the work will eventually catch you in its grip and begin to blend with your soul, as it did my friend’s son.

I’m thanking God today for D’s mental health. I know it’s a long road ahead. When it comes to addiction, the road is usually life long. But I have a good feeling about this man. I see good things ahead.

If are struggling with an addiction (this could be porn, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs of any kind, shopping, food, sex), you have a chance every day to choose differently. You have a greater chance of choosing a healthy choice if you are in therapy or doing something like hypnosis to unhook you from your habit. But change is always a possibility for you. I’m knowing this now and believing this for you as you step forward RIGHT NOW into your new life of change.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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