Just How Connected Are We to the Heavenly World?

Just How Connected Are We to the Heavenly World—Part I

Tonight I was watching an episode of this Manhattan housewife who meets people on the street and tells them about their lives in exact detail. In so doing, she helps them make peace with people who have passed away. Steve and I were moved to tears more than once. Now I have to tell you that Steve doesn’t come from folks who believe in such things. So, for him to be watching was really something. The woman was genuine, so spot on target with her information and seemed to be bringing peace to people who really were searching for it.

I have believed in psychic energy for a long time, because I believe in the prophets and the healings of Jesus and others. So, all of that is psychic energy, no matter how you try to disguise it in Christian language. Prophets are also channeling, which has been a taboo word for years. But as I see it, many avowed Christians are stepping beyond their constrictive beliefs because there is definitely some validity to “some” of the psychic energy healers and those channeling out there. “You will judge them by their fruit.”

So, what of it? How does it fit into our spiritual paradigm today, if we are seeking the light and wanting to move forward toward an authentic spiritual life in God?

I believe that there is definitely room for this kind of medium in our world today. But I have a caveat. I believe that mediums are not here for personal gain or to see into the future to make your decisions for you. I believe they are here to help us make peace with the past and, perhaps, stop us from making a terrible decision in the future, if it were to throw us completely off course from our spiritual growth. Otherwise, I don’t think you should be seeking the help of a medium.

Let’s talk about how to look for a medium who is authentic and real. First of all, never go to someone you find in the phonebook or on the back of a newspaper without a personal recommendation from someone who has experienced the medium and trusts his or her intentions. That might mean doing some digging and research, but you can afford to take the time to get the right advice. There are plenty of people out there dabbling in the spiritual world who no little to nothing about protecting themselves from negative entities and misinformation.

If you need some advice about a medium, I’d be happy to lead you to a couple people who I know who are real and wonderful, and who won’t bilk you out of your life savings to find the answers you have been looking for.

While we’re on the subject: Past Life Regressions. Are they valid?

I have had five. And each one led me to an interpersonal change that I would have never expected had I not gone through it.

What should you expect from a regression? First of all, past life regressions use hypnosis to regress you beyond this life to other lives. Of course, you would have to be of the belief system that believes that spirits don’t die or just have one chance at doing things right here on earth. I am one of those people.

If you are interested in Past Life Regression, you have to be a very willing participant and highly suggestible to hypnosis. If you are not, the regression can turn out to be a probing into the cognitive mind, which is not such a good idea.

I’ll give you an example of one of my regressions. From the time I was a small child in a very white town, I have been completely unprejudiced, even though everyone in my family was. I invited the only black girl in my grade school to my birthday party, and only two other friends showed up because of the invite. During a regression I was a young slave and I watched my father get hung and murdered by the KKK. Then I, too, was lynched and murdered.

In the regression, as I listened back to it on cassette, it was as if I could hear the sounds of the woods, the crackle of the fire, and the rush of the hate. I knew I had experienced this. There was no question in my mind. It was as clear to me as my life is now. I learned a few other things about my life in that regression. I learned what the relationship my father and my mother in that life were now in this life. Sometimes relationships carry over into other lives. Debts and love and sacrifice continue on with the same characters playing different roles sometimes, each having to learn a different lesson in this life. Also, sexes change, which also can result in people becoming gay if they take a lot of their sexual energy into the next life.

Now, I’m not telling you all this to make you think that you must also believe what I believe to read my blog. I’m telling you this, because I think it is necessary to be honest all the time.

I’ve never gotten anywhere in any relationship without being completely authentic. And I plan to do that on this blog as well and with you, my readers. Take what you can from it, and throw the rest away.

Who knows, maybe someday, you’ll find that you are faced with the idea that you may have a deja vu. And if so, then you might consider thinking outside the box of your present thinking.

Consider this: Once (yes, in this lifetime) I was a bible-thumping Pentecostal preacher standing on a NYC street corner passing out “you’re going to hell for being gay” tracts. That was thirty years ago. We all change and grow. Fortunately for me, God spoke clearly and directly, “I’m not in the box you choose to put me in. I AM ALL IN ALL!”

And so it is!

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