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One of the greatest spiritual gifts we can attain in life is sensitivity to negative energy. When negativity surrounds you there is no denying the sick feeling in your stomach, your resistance to being around a certain person, or your desire to avoid a certain place. We all naturally have an intuition that, if we tap into it, can keep us from harm’s way. Our sense of security in life is dependent on our ability to keep our bodies, hearts, families, and possessions safe. So, how do we develop a better sensitivity to this great gift?

First of all, learning to trust your intuition is a must. If you feel something in your heart, in your mind, or in your body that jolts you, gnaws at you, or tugs you in the opposite direction than you are going, this is probably intuition poking out its head and saying, “Listen to me! I’m trying to help you avoid a bad experience.”

Women have often been referred to as the sex that understands intuition the best. Personally, I think this is more the female part of each of us that actually feels or listens to our emotions. Men or the masculine energy in the Yin and Yang is the part of you that wants to take a feeling and churn it around in the brain for a while before making a decision. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when you only have moments to act or to make a different choice, you really do not have time to deliberate your choices as much as say the deliberation it would take to buy a home or a car.

So, I am talking about acting from your gut instinct. Can you let yourself act with such a visceral response? Or is it out of your mental paradigm to trust an ephemeral urge rather than tangible evidence? This is where learning to trust that your body has an instinct that often is greater than your own intellect.

Some may even consider this instinct, sometimes, intervention from an spiritual or angelic source. Personally, I think that angels or spirits only intervene when you are in a perilous, life-and-death situation. Otherwise, we are left to our own decision-making process.

The last item on my list for understanding your intuition more would be to learn to silence the mind. If you listen to the flood of information from everything on your to-do list and all of the outside sources in a day’s journey, you are probably not going to hear the whisper of intuition calling you or pulling you in a specific direction.

Your discovery today is about listening, taking time to hear the whisper that is your intuition. You may not trust it, but pay attention to what it says. And as a test, see if your intuition made the right decision, even if you do not have the courage to listen to that urge. The more times your see that your intuition was correct, the more trust you will have in its ability to be a better judge than the intrinsic capability of cognitive reasoning.

(Ultimately, in bigger situations, you will learn to balance both processes to help you make decisions that need more time and deliberation.)Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 8.42.10 AM


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