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One of my molars had been diagnosed as having a cracked root on September 22, 2014. As a result, I was sent to a specialist who would extract the tooth and then implant a new root for a false one that would replace my molar. The process took almost a year before I was able to go to a dentist to get fitted for an abutment and a cap. I was happy the struggle was finally over, because after about 25 hours in the dentist chair, anyone would be satisfied to have a blank space in his mouth finally filled with a $6000 tooth.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.04.32 AMTwo months later, I went back to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. He found a crack in the new tooth. After the diagnoses of 3 different kinds of doctors, they realized that the foundation, the actual implant was in the wrong place to support the abutment and cap. They began to drill out the tooth. The screw head broke. I had to go to another specialist who used a special microscope and drill to get the screw out (3 hours). Finally I’m back to square one. Very very long story shortened, yesterday, I was finally going to get my bridge. (I had decided against getting another implant and went for the easier fix.)


As I drove out of my parking lot to go the appointment, I began to tear up. Finally, after all of this time I was going to have working teeth again. I’d be able to eat without pain and quit having to dissect my mouth after each meal for all remaining food particulates.

I get to the dentist’s office, sit in the chair, and my tooth is being prepared for the new crown, when the dentist discovers that the new tooth has a crack in it. I leave with no tooth again.

The night before I had prayed that everything about the tooth would go perfectly. I trusted that Spirit would lead me to the right and perfect procedure. Even though I had faith in my prayer, I left the dentist’s parking lot distraught and depressed. As I drove down the road I remembered something that I often tell my clients:

If you search for Truth in the Now, you will always find it.

On the way home from the dentist, this is what I heard in my heart when I asked why I didn’t get my tooth: “The nerves in the two adjacent teeth that had to be cut down to accommodate the bridge were still too sensitive for the crowns.”

That night as I drank some cold milk, I ended up with a severe toothache that lasted about an hour from sensitivity, proving to my mind that Spirit had been looking out for me. Truth was there even before I prayed. What wasn’t there to the greatest degree was trust. I was too frustrated to imagine that God still had my back on this one.

Much of life, everyday, is about trusting that the power of the earth and the universal creative power, has the intelligence to grow a seed into a plant—basically and metaphorically. Everything in life starts out as a seed thought and ends up using the energy of the Universe to manifest to full fruition. Our trust in this energy can either gather strength to complete the task or it can gather negativity that will continually to reduce the rate of growth toward completion.

I liken this to planting a sunflower seed. If you do not protect the ground where you planted the seed, a bird might end up eating the seed.

You plant the sunflower in a pot this time and cover it until you see a plant. You tend to the plant until it is an inch high. You plant it in the ground, but forget to water it. It dies.

You plant the sunflower seed again and this time you let it grow until six leaves have appeared. The roots are strong, the plant has the strength to survive the transplant, so you proceed to planting it in your garden. This time the plant grows high and mighty.

The seed was always the same. The idea of the plant growing was always the same. You simply didn’t understand the truth of the Law. You didn’t know how much of the process was your responsibility. Do we just think seed thoughts and sit on the couch and do nothing? No, we must implement the thoughts and water them with positive thinking and all the work needed to create the dream.

We are co-creators on earth. We are not magicians.

As co-creators we have to allow our helper, Spirit Creator, to do much of the work that humans cannot do. Humans can plant a seed. But, at no time have humans ever had the power to make or create a plant from a seed. That job is nature’s miraculous part. But without our tender thoughts of protection, the seed might never see the light of day.

Remember today that everything in life has begun as a seed and will continue to grow at the rate it needs to be strong. Sometimes, you just have to wait for the plant to be strong enough to bring forth beautiful flowers.


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