Keep the Queen Safe—BUT BEND!

No, I’m not in danger! This isn’t about me or any other gay man. The queen I refer to is different.

Frank Marshall was the world’s chess champion for a record 27 years from 1909 to 1936. He won his first world championship by breaking one hard-fast rule in chess: “Protect your queen at all costs!” He placed his queen in a venerable position as three different chess pieces could capture her. However, former champion S. Levitsky was caught in a predicament. When he captured Marshall’s queen, he ended up in checkmate. Marshall sacrificed the queen to win the game.

So, the interesting phenomena here is that living outside the box of rules brought a new champion to life. How often to do we live by life’s lofty rulebook, only to find that we are stuck in a changeless rut with no place but a standstill?

Every day we get the opportunity to invite new thought, new ideas, new opportunities into our lives. However, if we live in a box of narrow rules, most of these ideas and paths may appear to be like a tree branch growing toward a shadow, instead of the sun. It reaches out, only to die quickly from no light.

I invite you today to take a leap of faith into new and innovative thought. Remember, all that our mind can conceive, we can manifest in our lives. The change is first in our minds, not in some pedantic rule.

This morning I awoke with the intent to get my battery changed. I had it assessed at Auto Zone on Saturday. I was told that it was bad. I had bought the battery at Auto Zone with a two-year guarantee. The battery was only a year old. I didn’t have time to get the work done on Saturday, so I waited until my day off.

When I got to the store, the manager told me that Auto Zone no longer replaces batteries that are in the trunk, as in some older BMWs like mine. So, I was in the predicament of having to shift my thinking outside the box. I asked the manager how to get my money back for a bad battery, if he couldn’t work on it.

The result was a serviceman from the store checking the battery again and discovering the battery was 90% charged and the alternator was better than fine. After describing the hesitation when I started it, the serviceman asked me to turn on the car. Of course, there was no hesitation.

I then assumed that the serviceman moved something around on the battery node that was not secure, making the car work perfectly now. I left feeling fine and glad I didn’t have to invest anymore time or money in the project. However, three minutes later, I checked my rearview mirror to find blue police car lights spinning behind me.

I pulled over, asked the officer why he had stopped me. He exclaimed that I didn’t make a complete stop at the last stop sign. I apologized as I handed him my license. I told him I thought I had made a complete stop. As he went back to his car, I prayed that I wouldn’t get a ticket. Low and behold, he just gave me a warning.

I came back home partially perplexed. What was the purpose of this odd morning’s affairs? Why did I wake up early on my day off to find I had no battery problem and get stopped by a policeman?

The truth is that I have no idea, yet, why any of this happened. I know that I followed the path of no resistance and did what my heart led me to do. This is the best we can do most days. However, I’m likely to believe that all things that happened had a purpose. Like the female praying mantis consuming its mate to create new life, I’m just not sure of the reason. But I do believe one exists. I don’t have to know all the answers to be in control of my life. I simply have to bend into life and step forward.

If you can live without needing to control every aspect of life—the cars around you, the people you work with, the children pulling at your leg—you probably will amend your old way of thinking to believe that God simply has a divine purpose for you no matter where you end up.

My only rule in life today is to be ready and prepared for whatever God throws my way. So, there is no room for complacency in your life. Simply set a course, follow it, and if something throws you a curve, BEND!

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The masses search outward for things that qualify them as a person, but I always go inward for that which quantifies me for greatness. At twenty-five I preached on street corners in NYC as an in-the-closet Pentecostal minister. One day I heard a still small voice say, ‘God cannot be contained in a book or a law or even in a religion. Dig deeper, reach further to find me, and you will find your authentic Self.’”

A Year to CLEAR Challenge!

The acronym CLEAR stands for (Compassionate, Loving, Enthusiastic, And Relationship-Ready). The goal of this project is to engulf readers in a weekly study that will transform them by removing blocks, promote self-growth, and give them wings to fly freely into daily life. Each week, by going to BoSebastian.com and choosing the Year to CLEAR Challenge tab, a new challenge or thought to provoke conversation, growth, and group functionality.

My vision is to make Finding Authentic You the book to have in your Kindle or on your computer. The book is a comprehensive look at growth—spiritually, mentally, and physically.

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The One-Year Approach to Change

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Accessing the ability to change and finding yourself actually pursuing change must be a daily search, which I call getting to the “observer mind.”

In this frontal cortex of the brain we find the anatomy of change and the power to counter every negative trigger of the human process. The workings of Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) are all positive actions to help the mind and body flow to a positive space for change.

Every aspect of FINDING AUTHENTIC YOU fulfills this constant need for diffusing the negative past and dreaming of a fulfilling future.

Step 1: Recognize That Change is Inevitable
Step 2: Release from Resistance to Change
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