Kindly Step to the Back of the Line!

The first idea that pops into my mind when I think of: “Kindly Step to the Back of the Line” is an incident that happened to me when I was 20, while standing in a long cue line. I waited for two painfully long hours to ride a roller coaster in the hottest of sun. As I got closer to the front of the line I heard two rabble rousing teenagers fighting, as one caught the other cutting in line.

As the attendant for the ride stepped away from his post—where he stopped and started the ride—a roller coaster slipped by. There were two roller coasters on the track at the same time. I’m sure the attendant assumed that the people on the tram that slipped by would simply get an extra ride while he dealt with the line cutters.

However, the unlikely happened. The tram ahead of the one that slipped by got stuck at the bottom of the first large hill of the roller coaster ride. When the second tram came crashing down the first hill, it collided with the one that was stuck. To all of our surprise, many people died right in front of us. 

I don’t ride roller coasters anymore, not because I’m afraid of that same thing happening. I simply despise waiting in lines. However, most of our lives are spent waiting for something. 

Think about it. We wait for:

  1. Our Pay Checks
  2. In Traffic
  3. For Our Children
  4. Our Partners
  5. For Food in a Restaurant
  6. For Food to Cook
  7. For Our Favorite Television Shows to Air…

Just to name a few.

What we don’t have to wait for is the Present Moment. The Now is always here—right here—waiting for Us to take notice. All we need to do is immerse our mind and attention on the present moment. This second holds all we need in this space of time.

Many people struggle with this Tibetan Buddhist Principal. When you think about it, you completely miss the present moment when you look back at the past and spend time waiting impatiently for the future.

I have found the most love, abundance, and incredible peace as I have let go of that which no longer serves me—especially the difficult past and even worse, spending a considerable amount of time hoping for things that simply are operating according to the law of growth (like plants, growth, maturity, client lists…). These all grow according to the organic laws of the universe. We don’t have to go into the ground and force anything to grow. All will grow in due time according to the Law.

If you release your anxiety from the past and the anxiety of waiting for your future plans to evolve, the Law of Love will produce all you need according to the forces of natural law in the perfect time.

You may be asking: But what about that moment when you waited for the roller coaster. Was that moment perfect for you? You watched 9 people die.

Yes, it was perfect for me. I had to see what could happen when you take your mind off of the now to tend to friction going on around you, things that are not really your business. I had to see for myself that the result of NOT PAYING ATTENTION IS DEADLY.


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