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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a prince or a princess? Does a crown of jewels on your head make you think of royalty and riches? Or does the Queen of England in her somber state come to mind, looking rather bothered by the entire world of pomp and circumstance?

I’m more inclined to think of what I would feel like having all the riches and abundance available that I could possibly want, with servants accomplishing things I desire to get done, but couldn’t do by myself. With this in mind, I think of Jesus’ peculiar words: “The kingdom of God is inside of you!” What exactly does that mean?

The only way to imagine that the kingdom is within you is to believe that you are royalty. A person can marry into royalty, or he or she must be of the family lineage. So, you and I are made of God, from Spirit, in the image of Creator—we are, indeed, from the lineage of the King. Simple. You now are a prince or a princess. No one has to grant you any privileges but yourself.

The next thing we would need to know is what kind of laws permit us to have and to do in this kingdom? This metaphor applies to us by knowing the spiritual laws that were pronounced to us by the Master Teacher, Jesus. For example: “Ask, believing, and it shall be given unto you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened unto you.” All of these statements are spiritual laws. Each of them applies to you as a child of the kingdom.

Let’s take the first law: Ask, believing, and it shall be given unto you. If you knew without a shadow a doubt—like commanding a servant to get you breakfast and knowing it would be served to you promptly—you could proclaim and believe in your heart and mind what could happen in your present and in the future, simply by speaking a command and believing it.

So, if you say, “I am stupid and don’t deserve shit,” then, my friend, shit is what you will receive from the law.

However, if you say, “I am a child of the king,” knowing your clout as royalty, and request: “I believe with all my heart that prosperity has come to my house now from ways that I don’t even understand. I’m thankful for this law. I trust this law as much as I trust that morning will come after night, every day, because of this same law.”

Then, and only then, will this law work in favor of you. Today, think about your royal blood. Imagine all day that you are a child of the most high. How different would you act? How much would you ask of the world? Would you be a compassionate prince or princess? Would you want the law to work for everyone, or just yourself?

When you finally feel the kingdom in your heart, I promise, you will manifest just about anything you want in this world. God is ready and waiting to give you the kingdom.

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