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As a metaphysician, I typically believe in a more metaphoric approach to the stories in the bible. Sometimes, a story from the bible will stick out and teach me a much-needed lesson, as the story of Jacob and his brother Esau did, today.

The story goes that God promised Isaac that his first son would inherit the kingdom of God. Israel, however, had two sons. The eldest, Esau, was a hunter and strong. He made his father very proud. The second, Jacob, was quiet and was a momma’s boy. He loved to cook. One day, Jacob cooked a big pot of stew as Esau had been out hunting. When Esau came home, he was so hungry that he bartered his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of hot soup! Esau never really cared about having a birthright. In fact, at that point he says to Jacob, “What is a birthright to me?”

But Jacob knew that the birthright could change his life. Inheriting the kingdom of God meant so much to Jacob that he waited his entire adult life for the perfect opportunities to usurp it from his older brother. Later in the story Jacob even earns the name “Israel,” which means “who prevails with God.”

Today, my lesson is way simpler than this story of vying for the kingdom. I believe the Kingdom of God is within all of us. It wasn’t the birth certificate that changed anything, it was Jacob’s right of entitlement to the kingdom. All of this seems arrogant and divisive in the story, but the moral or metaphor is that you have the same birthright as Jacob. Our fight isn’t with a brother; our fight to accept this truth is within our mind.

If you accept that you are kingdom made and born, then you, also, know that you are a creator. With the energy of a creator, you can dream, prosper, inspire, and even teach others to use this divine energy. There is nothing selfish about honoring your birthright. Believing you are part of this birthright and that the Kingdom exists within you, indeed, is the first step to taking the golden crown you so rightly deserve—that everyone deserves.

I don’t want to be prosperous, peaceful, and enjoy the powers of the earth and heaven for myself alone. I want it for everyone on earth. If we all understood our birthright, there would be no vying over land and property. War wouldn’t and couldn’t exist. Kingdom life would be on earth for all!

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