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Beyond all of our differences, One Creative Mind exists at everyone’s disposal. However, understanding this state of mind to become a co-Creator with the One Universal Power of Good gets confusing! Like the title in Spanish, “La persona está confundida, verdad!” (The person is confused, right!)

Ernest Holmes, one of the creators of Metaphysical Thought says this in his wonderful book, “The Science of Mind”: “The Law of Karma is not Kismet, but a Law of Cause and Effect. It is a taskmaster to the unwise; A SERVANT TO THE WISE!”

What this means is that this law of Mind is up to YOU to learn, because the result of it happens no matter if you believe or now. When you imagine and dream—and add to it “nature, impulse, emotion, and conviction,” Holmes says, these thoughts plus your conviction about the thought or dream, will bring about your reality!

Look around you and observe your life. Are you living your dream or are you in the hell of your mind that you have been deliberating for years? If you are in the hell, then you must take a step forward and use your conscious mind to MOLD the Subjective Field of Consciousness (that which is the UNUSED energy of the universe).

If you are a Christian, you believe in what Jesus taught. Jesus was a metaphysician. He spoke his word, believed it with conviction, and from His truth great miracle manifested. We all would hope to, someday, do the work of Jesus. As Jesus says in John 14: 12, “and even much greater works shall you do!”

So, the question is: How do we take what is in our minds and bring it to full fruition in our daily lives? The answer is in the metaphor of a tiny seed planted in the ground. (Another one of Jesus’ teachings.)

Your thoughts and dreams are like this small seed. In this metaphor, the ground is the fertile energy of the Subjective Mind. When you plant this seed thought, you must do something that most of us forget to do when we dream—Intend. You plant the see with the knowledge of one law—the Law of Cause and Effect, which says, when you plant a seed in the ground, it grows. But, you must wait, sometimes, for days, for maybe even seasons, before that plant grows and turns into a tree that bears fruit, right?

So, following the Master Teacher Jesus’ advice, we must take into account that dreams and intention take time. We plant the seed. We water and care for the seed as it grows into a plant. But the one thing we DON’T DO, is actually grow that seed. That action is up to the law, or God. So, we plant the seed; God grows the tree. Or in metaphysical terms, “We plant the intention; Spirit manifests the intention.”

Our one job—should we decide to put this Law to work—is to believe in the Law of Cause and Effect with all of our thoughts and mind. This is where we use affirmations, when our minds slip into disbelief. When your dream doesn’t appear as if it is growing and manifesting, you must still continue to believe. Sometimes, speaking an affirmation helps put your mind back on the right track. Here are a couple of examples of affirmations by Louise Haye, one of the greatest metaphysician of our time:

  1. “My income is constantly increasing.”
  2. “Peace begins with me. The more peace I have inside, the more I have to share.
  3. I act as if I already have what I want.

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